The Real Amish Paradise…

…is just outside of Lancaster Pennsylvania. It happens to be where I proposed to my wife and is actually called Paradise Pennsylvania, one of my favorite areas on this earth.

If you don’t believe you can regain lost innocence, spend some time out there.

Amish morning

My Helium article on living near the Amish for a few years.

Thanksgiving in Strasburg

It had a pretty sad ending for me personally, with the deaths of the schoolchildren that lived nearby a few weeks after I moved away; like most experiences in life though I usually have a song or two to take with me to remind me of a particular time and that era is no exception.

Plumb had released a new LP in 2006 that had a remix of her Damaged song, it’s called the Redemption Extended version and I listened to it all the time while driving through the Amish countryside that summer just before moving to the Midwest.

It’s still the song that reminds me of those kids, and really about all of the Amish in the area because I regard them all as somewhat damaged now, in the sense that they lost something on October 2nd, 2006 that I could personally feel with them from a thousand miles away.

Fortunately they showed all of us how to forgive and move forward…


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