Why Michael Jackson?

So, picking up from my previous post in the Catcher in the Rye conspiracy topic; I get this e-mail on June 24th of last year that essentially incited me to defend Rock and Roll as a mostly innocent tool that Satan nonetheless used on a very grand scale.

Then, an hour after I send my reply on YouTube to the person that wrote me the e-mail, Michael Jackson goes into cardiac arrest and passes away later that afternoon.

Why Michael Jackson?

First off, lets deal with coincidences and whether or not I’m just nuts…

Pat Robertson has been making predictions for years; God tells him that this is going to happen, God tells him that that is going to happen; and none of it actually does happen.


Because he’s dealing with a false spirit, most likely he’s dealing with his own imagination. The key is that “God” always has to convey grand world events to him, as if he has some special dispensation due to his being on Television for God to speak at this global level to him about what is going to transpire on earth.

He never tells him what shoes to wear, lets put it that way…

Pat Robertson is simply conveying his own belief that he is a global messenger of God through these predictions. The proof is that the predictions don’t come true. God doesn’t waste time telling people things and then change His mind over and over again. If it was real, God would follow through often enough to validate Pat Robertson’s “voice”.

…and to this point, Pat Robertson clearly doesn’t care. He keeps channeling God.

Healthy people test the spirits, it’s a biblical principle. It could be God, it could be me, it could be a demon. That’s what you do when you hear a voice, you make sure who’s talking to you. Protip-If the “voice” lies to you, it’s not God. God cannot lie (Hebrews 6:18).

OK, so Pat Robertson is dealing with something false and this helps to invalidate any discernment on the topic; however when testing out whether the theory of Satan having his hand on world events or not is real, lets draw the distinction between actual intelligent reasoning and “intelligent” people that don’t want to acknowledge a truth that they can’t always see.

Is this real?

Well, thousands of people did die on 9/11 and it somehow triggered a completely misguided war that killed thousands more people. We have already established that Satan does desire war because of the likelihood that the teenagers fighting these wars haven’t submitted to God, which of course is why Rock and Roll and Pop Culture in general has been used by Satan in the first place.

Adolescence is “harmless”, but when coupled with those adolescents fighting our Country’s battles, it then has eternal consequences…

OK, but people don’t like to acknowledge Satan. It’s an outdated concept that we grew out of hundreds of years ago. Intelligent, rational people don’t see demons in day-to-day life, right?

Did Jesus see Satan? Yes, He did. Cast out demons by the hundreds, was tempted by Satan on a mountain; said that Satan had asked Him to allow him to sift Peter as wheat. Satan entered Judas to facilitate the betrayal of Jesus.

But then what, Satan just went away?

No, you see that isn’t very intelligent. If you believe in God, you’d better believe in Satan too.

However, we have this view of Satan as this sort of personal thing, we don’t see Satan in governmental events, we don’t see Satan in the Military/Industrial complex. We somehow have become convinced that Satan just torments people the way that a bully on the playground messes with kids; and never really seem to grasp the possibility that modern society has been constructed a particular way for a particular reason.

We believe that CEOs think in a global sense, but Satan doesn’t.

And that’s just not the truth at all…

Satan doesn’t want a couple of souls, he wants all of them. He wants billions of them if possible. How does he get them in modern society when clearly we’ve all become too sophisticated to concern ourselves with Satan?

Remember “Peace” + Vietnam = Souls

Vietnam took 58,000 American lives, it never did result in a nuclear war though. The Cold War stayed intact but the real goal of Satan was probably never achieved; that someone would actually push the launch button.

Well the very best way that Satan has taken a Godly country and ensured that he would continue to have a pipeline to millions of souls, since the early days of the United States, has been through racism.

Civil Rights was the greatest threat to that pipeline, if you look at the timeline between the 50’s Civil Rights movement and Satan’s foray into Pop culture, the two timelines basically are a complete match.

God starts taking a foothold back from Satan, Satan moves into something else instead. Like clockwork…

Now in 1973 God takes another foothold away from Satan, Vietnam.

Satan moves off into something else?

Check your history timelines, what happened at the same time as the Vietnam peace treaty in Paris?

Within one day, Roe vs. Wade.

Sorry, it isn’t “intelligence” when you believe that the government, or groups like the CIA or Illuminati are somehow causing these “coincidences”. Because they have no motivation for a Roe v. Wade, that I can see anyways; there’s no way in which any “power” group profits.

But Satan does…

I was researching Pat Robertson’s predictions and didn’t realize his earliest one came about the time that Elvis died, in 1977. Pat Robertson believed and predicted that the world was going to come to an end by the end of 1982.

Obviously that was nonsense; but it was in researching my own timeline of Pop-Culture and Political events that I found his prediction interesting; in that my own personal crossroads, leaving God and Christianity, moving out of my Mom’s house and choosing “the world” and my Dad, came at the end of 1982.

Now there’s no delusional notion in that, just that his prediction caused me to remember back and come to the conclusion that another shift seemed to happen about this same time…

I found it interesting because it seemed to me that all of the steps that I believed Satan had taken with regards to Politics and Pop Culture; Rock and Roll in particular; seemed to culminate at about that same time.

Elvis in 1977, John Bonham and John Lennon to coincide with the conservative Ronald Reagan taking office in 1980, Reagan’s assassination attempt by John Hinckley, purportedly another Catcher in the Rye buff, in 1981.

Then after 1982, right about the time Michael Jackson released Thriller, all of the “coincidences” regarding Pop Culture and Politics seem to stop.

Is that just me, or is it real?

I think it’s real, maybe Satan decided to move into the inner-city instead.

Part 3 to come…


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