Pat Robertson – Disinformationist

In response to an e-mail, yes I do think that Pat Robertson is a disinformationist; however my guess would also be that it isn’t by design, his heart is probably in the right place and it could be that he is being unwittingly used to accomplish something.

This clip on Pat Robertson and Haiti perfectly illustrates how Pat Robertson invalidates any legitimate discernment on spiritual warfare and world events.

You know, no one has sat down for Coffee or Tea with God or Satan lately, so by necessity unless you are really sure you are being spoken to by a deity, everyone is just guessing on these topics.

Haiti supposedly makes a pact with Satan to help ensure their freedom in the late 1700’s.

Well the first problem with that assertion is that every individual person chooses their own Salvation, it isn’t for a representative of a Country to commit the individual Souls of their nation to Satan.

So the first problem is that Satan as well as God understands this; it’s impossible for Satan to try and collect on Haitian Souls and defy John 3:16; Satan doesn’t get to override God’s law: and that makes the original premise bogus. Pat Robertson should get that, one would think.

Two, you go beyond the 200 years of the deal and then God decides to smite Haiti or something after the deal runs out. This too makes absolutely no sense.

God operates in mysterious ways that are very difficult for any of us to fathom, but it’s not like He does things in such a way to befuddle everyone. If He wanted to send some sort of message to the world or accomplish something else with an earthquake; we’d know it.

Maybe He did want a focus on Haiti for His own purposes, but trying to state God’s motives for such an event is mainly folly.

The point however, is that in JFK research there is a lot of paranoia, some justified, in the concept of “disinformationists”; people that are planted to mislead researchers on a topic or avenue of research. It comes under the heading of CIA “dirty tricks”.

Pat Robertson could well be something similar, when people hear these predictions or discernments regarding God’s supposed motives regarding Katrina or 9/11 they get angry. See the comments on any video relating to these issues.

The point is that Satan then gets sort of a free pass because everyone who talks about what might be happening with world events essentially doesn’t have any true ability to discern anything because the messengers get everything all mixed up; they make up what God says, try to dictate God’s motives to Him when they belong to Him alone; and people have a reaction to hearing that, which is quite natural.

Does Satan profit from that, absolutely he does.

Anything Satan might really be doing then escapes detection from the populace mainly as a result of this sustained reaction to the absurdity of people like Pat Robertson who can’t discern anything properly.

Again, I don’t think that is something Pat Robertson is trying to achieve; but Satan does use it for himself. If Pat Robertson was operating in manner of spiritual and intellectual honesty on the subject however, he should really repent of his “God Voice” because he is helping Satan and discrediting God with his pronouncements.

Here’s the thing though, and this is why I call him a disinformationist rather than a misinformationist; I don’t think he has a deliberate intent to deceive, but he has been confronted on the inaccuracy of his pronouncements.

He won’t change, his desire isn’t to deceive, it’s only to be communicated to by God; his insistence on continuing to communicate to a global audience what he believes that God tells him, that IS deliberate…


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