Sam Harris – Misinformationist

I don’t really mind getting into debates about the deeper reaches of Christianity; I’ve had some YouTube encounters with Shirley Phelps Roper devotees about the Amish and Christianity; with Atheists regarding online pronouncements, etc…

Part of the “problem” with Christianity is that Christians don’t fight very well, not in the literal sense of course but it’s a tendency to get beaten up in these internet scuffles.

I regard this mainly as a tough distinction that needs to be drawn between loving your human enemy, and hating evil.

Satan loves to play with this, I feel he believes that he carries some sort of power because of the so-called helplessness of Christians to decry evil, or even to discern it.

Satan realizes it isn’t the truth, but because so many Christians don’t, he gets away with it…

If you look at Jesus behavior however, its true that He was careful to love people who may have contained pockets of evil, he pulled no punches whatsoever though when it came to any topic that somehow disgraced God, His Father.

Turning over tables and yelling at people doesn’t construe loving your enemies; well it does insomuch as He is conveying truth and visibly displaying the attitude of His Father towards any disrespect of His house; but it clearly is anger that Jesus was communicating and not “that you are being loved”.

Christians need to stop being so weak when intellectually dealing with people such as Sam Harris, or those whose viewpoint on message boards matches his.

The Atheists, Humanists, Secularists, etc…win these debates online again and again; the reason why they win these debates is because they are intellectually prepared for the conversations.

Christians have a responsibility to do the same for what they believe; we need to get smarter; understand Christianity better, be able to really engage in these discussions and logically explain the reasons why God, Jesus and Christianity do make sense in modern society.

Sam Harris is just the latest example of someone who wants to rewrite the rules; and comes across mostly via credentials as someone who understands the subject matter better than Christians do…in other words, a flat-out tool of Satan.

The truth is he doesn’t understand the subject matter anywhere near well enough; he doesn’t realize that God has most likely prevented nuclear confrontation to preserve His plan for mankind; doesn’t understand that Heaven will be a perfect society and that no sin will be let into that society; no concessions will be made for what people want to believe is OK vs. what God believes.

He doesn’t realize that God created all of this for a reason. Or, like most Atheists, he’s just covering up his own desire to sin by discrediting God. It has nothing to do with Christianity’s rules not working in society; he just has no concept how to apply them to society.

Where Sam Kinison had most of these types beat, is that he reconciled within himself that he was a sinner and chose it. He walked away from a ministry and chose to be “bad”.

I don’t know with all of his comedy through the years that he ever really came out and said it; but in watching him in the mid-late 80’s, I could say with a pretty reasonable certainty that he preferred women to God and once he got an unscriptural divorce he knew he was finished; not just with the ministry but with God himself. He made a choice to be bad, one that God will allow but with consequences later.

He gave him years and years to fix it, but once Sam made the choice to marry again God finally said “enough” and he was taken. I respect Sam Kinison for one reason though, he was man enough to walk away for an honest preference and chose sin.

(note the first joke at 0:31, probably the only joke ever told on national television to tormenting spirits, but you never had to convince Sam Kinison that God was real)

Most atheists just can’t handle that, they don’t want to go through life being “bad” so they just throw God in the trash instead to justify their own behavior.

“I want gay marriage to be OK”. Sorry, God said no. Barack Obama honors God with that stance; I like that in a President…and it has nothing to do with judgment. You don’t judge by discerning right and wrong, in fact if you fail to do so you are letting people live in denial and that is in fact not loving your neighbor.

I have no idea how people like Sam Harris, who somehow believe that they are entitled to throw God’s rules in the garbage when they don’t believe those rules fit their purpose, parent their own children everyday.

When your child questions your motives, questions your values, believes he or she is entitled to set their own rules as they see fit, they are corrected by parents that know better; that understand that they are actually acting in the best interests of their children in how they are raising them, in what they believe and why they act how they do.

But you don’t see God in that, Sam Harris?

When your child is clever enough to defy their parent’s rules by not coming home after school; but instead decides to spend the evening doing charity work instead and come home at 11:30 at night; and are proud of themselves because they did something “good” with their time; how does a responsible parent answer?

“Yes you did, but you defied me in doing it. Did you have to?”

Christianity doesn’t cause anything that Sam Harris is bothered by; Satan does. Why would anyone throw God away and let Satan win because of what he caused in the first place? Do you see who’s driving here?

Christians are not only entitled to defend God; they are obligated to.

…end of rant.

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2 thoughts on “Sam Harris – Misinformationist”

  1. I just think it’s funny how a lot of christians tend to pick and choose about what they find in the Bible. When Jesus talked about marriage he referred to males and females but also noted that it should be forever. Women are supposed to submit to their husbands, you should be willing to offer your kid up as a sacrifice. Why not take a stand against divorce? Maybe because deep down gay people just gross you out. My point is that it isn’t our place to judge, or tell others who they are allowed to love. Christians have to stop seeing it that way because they alienate people from God’s love. Also I’m getting tired of the argument that athiests are morally bankrupt. Or that they are trying to defy God. Nope, you can’t deny someone that you don’t believe in. Many athiests are truth seekers, and good people. Letting go of the idea that there is a heaven was the scariest thing in the world for me, but you can’t believe something out of fear. I am not faulting you for choosing to believe in God, but christians need to start realizing why they are so unpopular with non believers. You live by your rules, but don’t try and impress your VERSION of morality upon me. I believe that if their is a God he would want us to treat everyone equally and with respect, gay people included. Who am I to tell someone who they can love? If God exists, and he cannot see my strenght of character on judgement day then he isn’t the loving God he is portrayed to be. I place far more value on standing up for what I believe is right, to live by someone elses interpretation is a lie.

    1. Hi,
      Understand that I am trying to address Sam Harris’ main assertion; that being that “Christianity” somehow doesn’t work in society. The truth is that we have never seen true Christianity applied to society and pointing out the necessity of different religions conflicting and the failings of certain people engaging Christianity doesn’t constitute “Christianity” being a failure; it means people haven’t applied Christianity to the standard that God will in Heaven.

      That society won’t have umpteen different denominations and a dozen different Gods, only one and everything that is happening on earth is a training ground and quite frankly a testing ground to determine who will take part in that society.

      That is a fundamental difference between God’s wisdom and Sam Harris’, God sometimes calls for life to be sacrificed (I’m talking in a figurative sense, the OT sacrifices were superseded by the love of Jesus and one would think Sam Harris’ intellect should be able to grasp that notion) for what He considers Good and Holy and those will be rewarded in Heaven. I don’t think you’ll see that in the brains of those sacrificing, because it hurts to do it.

      As far as Gay marriage, I personally am quite used to gays and have an extreme amount of empathy for their plight; but changing wrong into right isn’t going to work on judgment day and you have to say so if you actually care about them. It’s like telling someone they won’t get arrested if they perform a particular action when in fact you’re sure they will; that’s not judging, it’s caring…I don’t believe there’s any disrespect in that, disrespect is lying to someone to make them feel better.
      It’s no different than saying that Christians won’t address fundamentalist Muslims because of how certain of their religion might respond, that’s fear of getting killed, not love.

      The thing is with Christianity and Atheists, there aren’t numerous versions of morality, there’s God’s version of morality. God once upon a time had to defend Heaven with War against Satan and his armies; if you believe the Bible then that is reality. I’m sure He didn’t prefer to, I’m sure He wished that there were no dissenters; but there were and He acted appropriately to defend His Kingdom. Earth is no different…I happen to think many atheists, representing those who actually try to articulate their beliefs, are exceptionally well prepared to do so; my main point is that a lot of Christians spend a bit too much time giving hugs and eating coffee cake and not enough time studying to be able to not only debate with Atheists; but to understand their own faith better.

      Where Sam Harris has a point imho, is a lot of Christians don’t understand Christianity sufficiently and don’t understand their rights and obligations very well either; Sam Harris’ fingerpointing strikes me more as a Christianity that isn’t all it should be rather than something that is a problem; if Christianity as currently applied truly represented the Church of Jesus it would be a perfect moral guideline for life in modern society.

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