Faces in Toast – MNF

Just to pick up on the “faces in toast” from the post last week, one very unique element as it relates to major celebrities in the death of John Lennon on December 8th, 1980 is that it was first announced during a football game.

In Lennon’s epic piece Revolution #9 from the White Album, there were some background references to an American football game; a crowd yelling “Hold that Line, Block that kick”.

Cosell and Gifford supposedly argued in the booth somewhat as to whether to reveal what had happened to Lennon, Gifford talked Cosell into making the announcement at a point in the game which seems to mirror the game referenced in #9; it’s interesting to me to watch the scene unfold with both a 67 and 80 for the Patriots visible in the early frames of Cosell’s announcement.

John Smith, wearing number 1, passes by the inline game clock that has :03 left (13) in a game that at the time was tied 13-13. He’s about to go into the game to kick a field goal to win the game (which he missed btw).

Remember my personal interpretation of the “why” that the number 13 was significant is that it is the definition of love as described by Paul in 1 Cor. 13, especially growing up and putting childish things away.

It’s interesting to get into the interplay between God and Satan over such an occurrence; there is no question that the “numerology” and other hidden asides located all over everything the Beatles did would carry the architecture of evil and Satan, however it’s also important to note that Satan must operate within the boundaries called for by God.

Remember God told Satan what he could and could not do when it came to Job in Scripture, also Satan asked Jesus to be allowed to sift Peter as wheat. So it’s clear that Satan has to operate within only what he is allowed to do.

Galations 6:7 states that God will not be mocked. Sgt. Pepper was released on June 1st, 1967. Magical Mystery Tour and the Stones’ Their Satanic Majesties Request were both released in 1967 also, 6 months and 7 days later on December 8th.

Exactly 13 years to the day after those two albums were released, John Lennon died in a manner that in some respects was foreshadowed by Lennon’s lyrics and music itself.

So Lennon in some respects doesn’t comprehend what’s being done through him, but Satan is operating within an agenda also, and only when God says it’s OK for Lennon to go is when it’s OK.

It could be, that God allowed for Lennon to be taken on a particular date only in 1980, one that not only allowed the number 13 to be highlighted but 67 also, to send a message of His own.

Of course this was the interpretation of many without any numbers associated at all, but it interests me in what seems to be a limited participation by God in all of this, if only to serve as a reminder to all of Who really wins in the end…

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