Is Apple losing its cool?

I posted earlier this week that Gizmodo seemingly was ignorant as to the gravity of screwing with Apple’s new iPhone and messing with the dynamics of market timing by posting their findings. I still believe that.

If you’ve worked in Financial Services, not necessarily the mom and pop variety perhaps but in one of the organizations that does SEC compliance work and held sensitive information in your hands before it was available to the public, it’s always quite apparent that to breach the trust of the company whose information you are shepherding is as grave an offense as possible, and I still think that not only was Gizmodo blind to this point, but most of the people backing them are also…

However I loved Jon Stewart’s portrayal of Apple regardless, because beyond the Gizmodo legal issue; Apple is coming across right now very much like the Apple of the mid-80s that felt it had to do something about Steve Jobs.

I was extremely involved with technology and Apple when Steve Jobs returned there in 1997 and there is no one more impressed with what he has accomplished in the 13 years since than I am; but it’s always been in the back of my mind what happened to the Steve Jobs of 1985.

I had assumed that between then and 1997 he just grew up, kept his best qualities and got rid of a few that didn’t work so well.

But maybe its being the frontrunner that brings out the worst in him; there are quite a few parallels between their competition on a number of fronts today and the position they were in back in 1985 when the Mac reigned but others were getting into the battle (namely Microsoft).

As purely a fan of the tech drama that has unfolded over the last 30 years, I’m curious to see whether Steve Jobs goes Howard Hughes this time, as Stewart alluded to, or whether Apple actually wins this time.


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