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Out of my 5 Youtube channels, there’s no doubt that the 00’s-10’s music channel gets the least attention.

Part of that is probably because I won’t sell out my own taste to put some of the more popular music from the past 10 years on the channel, but my logic is that I should be able to find enough good music to fill a channel regardless of the decade and why start posting music that would have been relegated to a niche market if it was part of any other period of music.

I mean I wouldn’t have any problem posting Leif Garrett or Shaun Cassidy to my 70’s channel, but if I thought I “had” to in order to drive traffic I probably would just bite the bullet; same with Madonna in the 80’s (Live to Tell being an exception).

So, nope I’m not going Justin Bieber quite yet, Lady Gaga is fine as long as I can find something borderline tasteful to post, but I think every decade should be able to stand on it’s own with it’s best music. It’s just that the 00’s didn’t have quite as much of it apparently and not too many people seem to be looking for the exceptions.

Here is one of the exceptions, a not-very-well-known band named Trapt whose initial CD I think was one of the decade’s best. Here’s Stories from that LP for your viewing pleasure…


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