Faces in Toast – Fish Delusions (24)

A young fish was swimming deep in the ocean. He was normally a happy fish, but now was beginning to have a problem though, he was suffering from fish delusions. Every once in a while, he saw something moving through the water; it looked just like a fish but something was different about it.

He started suffering fish hallucinations; everywhere he looked he saw these strange fish. They looked like fish, acted like fish, but he became convinced they weren’t really fish. And he could have swore that these fake fish had hooks on them, they were out to get him, he thought…

He went to the fish counselor and received fish therapy. The fish doctor convinced him that he was suffering a fish psychosis; “there aren’t really fake fish” he was told, “you are suffering from delusions”. He received fish medications and trained himself that the fake fish he was seeing weren’t real, and they certainly weren’t out to get him.

Then one day he became brave and decided to bite one of the odd fish, the hook caught him and the lure started to bring him up to the surface. He screamed at the fish counselor on the way up, “I thought you said these were delusions!”

“You were healthier not knowing the truth, and besides most of what you saw really were delusions” was the fish doctor’s reply.


Romans 9:22- What if God, desiring to show his wrath and to make known his power, has endured with much patience vessels of wrath prepared for destruction


In Scripture, Satan enters Judas to help coerce him into betraying Jesus.


Because, although God takes credit for building Objects of Wrath and Destruction, it’s Satan and his band of demons that actually do the work to make that happen.

After all, God doesn’t sin or tempt sin, so Satan is the one needed to accomplish these things.

And apparently, Satan has no say in the matter.

However there is something in it for the devil.

You see, Satan entering Judas to help cause the betrayal gives him a certain advantage over the rest of us.

He knows what is going to happen to Jesus.

Before it actually does.

He knows not just because of prophecy, but Satan knows what is going to happen to Jesus because he has a role in causing it.

Think about that.

Wherever there is An Object of Wrath and Destruction, there is the possibility that Satan is within a participant and knows upfront the outcome.

If Satan were sitting at a table, would you walk over and strike up a conversation with him?

I think I might.

I would like to hear his account of Eden, the Crucifixion, or of God.

I’d probably listen with great interest to his take on history, even if he was lying I suppose.

Well consider; what if hypothetically, instead of being a disciple Judas had been say, a rock star?

What if Satan had been inside of Judas for years, with his demonic minions resident inside others close to Jesus; all plotting the ultimate destruction of the Son of God?

And all the while, Rockstar Judas is churning out albums.

And, in the music, the movies based on his music, and all of the accompanying artwork, Satan saw an opportunity to brag about the things he knew.

Just a little bit.

And suddenly, clues start to appear in Rockstar Judas’ songs; maybe even backwards to escape immediate detection, as to what the eventual fate of Jesus was going to be.

Jesus is dead, I buried Jesus, Jesus is bloody, all carefully hidden in the music of Rockstar Judas.

The devil simply tempts Rockstar Judas to write lyrics that allude to a fate Satan already knows upfront.

And Rockstar Judas has no idea it is happening; or has an entirely different motivation of his own, he believes, for what he is writing.

Could that happen?

Welcome to Fish Delusions.


–Showing the initials of John Lennon’s future assassin, this photo was part of the Magical Mystery Tour booklet released on December 8th, 1967, 13 years to the day before the death of John Lennon. The scene itself was shot on September 22nd of that year, it was shot on 9/22.

9 years later, to the day, Hotel California is released on December 8th 1976;  John Lennon by himself  is encoded in reverse into the song, right as they stab it with their steely knives but they just can’t kill the beast

Then 4 years  after Lennon is killed by Mark David Chapman on December 8th 1980, Vince Neil crashes his Pantera on December 8th 1984 and kills Hanoi Rocks drummer Razzle Dingley.

20 years after this, and 24 years to the day after John Lennon’s death, Heavy Metal legend and former Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell Abbott is shot and killed by Nathan Gale on December 8th, 2004.


On November 22nd 1963, John F. Kennedy, Aldous Huxley and CS Lewis all died; The Beatles 2nd LP was released and the first broadcast of Beatlemania in the US (CBS) all happened on this same day.

Coincidence? Conspiracy?

Or is it possible that one Bible verse and straight Christianity explains the whole thing?

Romans 9:22, the verse that shows us all the principle of exactly how God could tell Satan that he could not harm Job, but had the authority to do whatever he wanted to Job’s children.

We just don’t see how long it took, what Satan could have done to torment Job before taking his children’s lives.

What Satan was given the power to do…it all depends on God letting him.


So, I’ve spent altogether too much time researching the 60’s-70’s, primarily focused on the Beatles’ music, lyrics and artwork as sort of the key to this mystery.

I know, I know, Charles Manson did that too, but in a sense that is sort of the point. A lot of us realize that “something” is there, but it’s in trying to figure out what exactly that something is that it becomes a serious exercise in straddling discernment and psychosis.

Put it this way, Manson was ridiculed for pointing at the Beatles music as the rationale for his killings, he felt the Beatles were speaking of an impending race war and were in fact the 4 horsemen.

The Beatles weren’t, and we all know that.

But how is it exactly, that the Sharon Tate murders happened mere hours after the Abbey Road cover shoot? The cover with Paul barefoot that was supposed to signify his death.

How is it that “Paul is dead” launched on the radio in the US on the same day the Manson ranch was raided by police? And that day happened to be Aleister Crowley’s birthday.

There is a synchronicity all right, but neither the Beatles or Manson seem to have any control over it.

And why is it that these mentally ill, disturbed people seem to be right in the middle of these coincidences that nonetheless form a distinct pattern? (Sirhan Sirhan waits for Bobby Kennedy in the kitchen with a gun, the only problem being Bobby Kennedy isn’t supposed to go through the kitchen and it takes dozens of well-wishers blocking the exit to change his route. Meanwhile, the Stones are recording Sympathy for the Devil and have to change the line JFK to Kennedys to account for Bobby; before the song is finished being recorded the roof of the studio will catch fire. Watching the Kennedy coverage in Birmingham AL, Yardbirds guitarist Jimmy Page has an epiphany and decides to start a new band. In his brother’s case, no matter whether you blame Oswald or a human conspiratorial group, who exactly could have gotten the parade route moved? Or caused Chappaquiddick for that matter?)

We don’t want to see the synchronicity of John Lennon dying outside of the building where Rosemary’s Baby was filmed, because to do so would be to take Charles Manson seriously.

Or maybe we could start to realize that the conspiracy is real but Manson was simply a misguided pawn, by design. That demonic temptation could drive the whole thing, demons tempting people to carry out a script that the participants themselves have no concept of.

The song recorded during the assassination of RFK, Sympathy for the Devil, famously repeated the refrain but what’s puzzlin’ you is the nature of my game.

In other words, why?

Did you ever notice that John Lennon’s death has a lot of Pearl Harbor components? Yoko from Japan, Mark David Chapman from Hawaii, December 8th, Lennon dying at Roosevelt Hospital.

Not to mention that the 13 and 72 in the Pyramid,  an Eagle and MDC are all found on this thing.

Did you also notice that Rock and Roll started at virtually the exact same time as the Civil Rights movement, within 17 days of each other in 1955?

A “righteous” United States baits Japan to enter WWII, and what was the Nazi argument at Nuremberg? That the United States had too many racial problems of their own to be judging others.

Do you think this could be what God and the Devil are actually battling over? The righteous country that in the accuser’s eyes really isn’t, stopping the Nazis from taking over the world?

A war that, for the United States, started on December 8th 1941.

Wouldn’t the devil want us to know what he’s pissed about?

At the end, Hitler commits suicide on Walpurgis (April 30th 1945) and 30 years later to the day Saigon falls (April 30th 1975).

9 and 22 translates into the letters I and V. Where do you find an I and a V?

See, what’s really odd is that the sixties seem to be tailor made for the devil, but between Manson and Altamont he seems to be the one who ruined the party. Don’t call me brother, brother simply means that a John Lennon wouldn’t pick up a Charles Manson as a hitchhiker any longer, and Peace and Love pretty much ended right there in practical application.

How do you get the goose out of the bottle? Piss off the Goose…

Of course, he did have Whole Lotta Love queued up on the turntable just as this happened, but there definitely is something strange that continues into the seventies, with Don McLean among others telling us all a story that none of us really ever seemed to get.

The CIA presents their plan for a limited invasion of Cuba called the Bay of Pigs on December 8th 1960.

On December 8th 1969, Nixon presents his plan to end the Vietnam war.

12 years and 10,000 conspiracy theories later, Howard Hunt’s wife dies in a plane crash on December 8th 1972 while carrying over $10,000 in her purse.

Before that though, exactly 922 days after Nixon’s plan to exit Vietnam is presented, Watergate occurs.

And this is far from the only 922 appearance. JFK was assassinated exactly 922 days after the beginning of the Freedom Rides on May 14th 1961. 922 days after the assassination is June 1st 1966, or in other words 6/66.

On April 8th 1963, Julian Lennon is born which just so happens to be precisely 922 weeks after the Hiroshima bomb. Which seems puzzling to even mention except that John Lennon was murdered, to the day, precisely 922 weeks after Julian was born.

Hey Jude.

…and, what does “24” have to do with all of this?

Well, I think 24 is representative of how this all got started. But beyond anything, it’s a signature of the devil.

Somewhere along the way, we sort of convinced ourselves that “the devil” isn’t a modern concept.

We convinced ourselves that even though this is still primarily a “Christian” nation, and Jesus absolutely encounters both Satan and other demons in a very documented fashion during his 3-year ministry; that somewhere along the way “Satan” just went away.

We know that isn’t the truth factually if you believe in the Bible, because Revelation makes it clear that Satan is certainly around as foretold in a point in history that we have not come to yet.

So, doing the math, if Satan was around at the beginning, and around during the time of Jesus, and around at the end of the earth which we haven’t gotten to yet, it stands to reason that he’s around now.

Where would he go?

And yet our modern discourse discounts Satan as more of a myth; a fairy tale, something that you see while ill but once you receive therapy he goes away.

I’ve encountered many people that have “enlightened” me to this point, they used to see Satan but then they got therapy or better meds and now they don’t.

And then, I need to enlighten them back that what you are being “cured” of is a failure to distinguish between psychosis and discernment of evil; John Nash was cured of his imaginary friends even though he still saw them; but in the case of Satan or demons if you have gotten convinced that something isn’t there that really is there, you are basically being misled.

They are there, but what’s the point in seeing them when you can just blow it all off as psychosis? Because of course, most of it is psychosis, so why not call it all psychosis?

Because the result is a Charles Manson, or a Mark David Chapman. The result is someone that knows deep inside that something really is there and that their doctors just don’t get it.

To people that know they are dealing with something beyond just illness, they are being given a placebo and deep down they know it. Not because meds and other treatment is wrong; they are fine but it isn’t complete if spiritual forces are indeed involved.

Satan, as it applies to the mentally ill, is something much more sinister and complex than what is commonly understood or treated.

Which means what?

It means that by design, you cannot really identify evil forces in a mental illness condition because to do so would be to display symptoms of the illness. So if you see demons, you are delusional and suffering from a psychosis.

The problem being, that provides perfect cover in the instances where something really is there.

What it means also, is that there is a notion in the Bible that we don’t take very seriously, because it’s a very difficult topic to grasp. It’s the concept of God hating, and using people as what He terms “Objects of Wrath and Destruction” (Romans 9:22).

Now, how does that apply to Satan and the mentally ill?

First off, even though there are certain people that for whatever purpose of spiritual warfare are handed to Satan, God does not sin nor does He tempt sin. That is in the Bible.

What does happen is that Satan is given the ability to manipulate a particular individual, as defined by God, for either God’s own glory or maybe even Satan’s glory or a combination of the two.

Esau would be a perfect example. He suffered God’s “hatred” by having to contend with Jacob having sinned to obtain a promise (his father’s blessing and ultimately Israel) that incredibly fulfilled a dream given by God to their mother before either of them were born.

So the implication is clear; Satan actually worked through Jacob to accomplish something God wanted done. At Esau’s expense.

That is God’s “hatred” (meaning treating someone worse than how they deserve from Esau’s perspective) and the definition of God reserving the right to treat someone as “an Object of Wrath and Destruction”.

Judas is another one, fulfilling God’s plan by Satan having entered Judas.

And as you can understand, if prophecy had to be fulfilled regarding Jesus, then Judas would have been a necessary sacrifice.

Which is all fine and dandy…unless you’re Judas.

One of the best examples may be the case of Job. Satan essentially makes a bet with God, Who gives him clear parameters as to what Satan can and cannot do with regards to Job.

He cannot harm Job, but he can harm his children.

Satan therefore has foreknowledge of what is going to happen to Job’s kids. And we never really receive a sense from the scripture just how long the Devil waits before doing what he has been given the authority to do to Job’s children.

It’s important to note, just so I don’t come off inaccurate on this point, that “Objects of Wrath and Destruction” aren’t damned to Hell. It just means they get really rough treatment on earth about something, each person defined in this category still has free will and is still entitled to Salvation.

OK, so that premise established, any person can be marked as “an Object of Wrath and Destruction” today, for whatever reason, and go through a period in which they can have their lives and experiences demonically manipulated with God’s blessing; meaning that God is allowing it for whatever purpose.

So, back on topic again, this is how this relates to the “conspiracy” topic that we are discussing. There would appear to be certain people that had a very clear demonic hand on their lives during this past century; and in fact it’s clear to me that in failing to be able to draw a clear line between psychosis and demonic warfare, the spiritual warfare portion has actually gotten somewhat cloaked by the notion that psychosis is the only issue, when in reality the truth is that it is really more of a combination of the two, if that makes sense.

24 is just a number, but it manifests itself in a number of writings for the past 400 years or so all on the same topic; the topic of someone gaining some sort of profit, an enlightenment or a gift; by making a deal with the devil.

It starts as a story; but this is mainly about people that were sucked into a real life version of the drama of Faust, whether they wanted to be or not.

Strangely enough, this “deal with the devil” topic started with the start of pop culture and mass media. It started at the dawn of information and popular culture, the era of the Printing Press and the Theater.

Of course that could mean it’s been around much longer, and it was the printing press and Theater that has brought it to popular attention, but it’s been around in Print since at least the late 1500’s; brought to the stage around 1600.

However, one of the later incarnations of this topic; Thomas Mann’s Doctor Faustus which came out in 1947, explores the subject in much more detail. He actually draws a parallel between illness, especially mental illness; and spiritual enlightenment.

In layman’s terms, you see things when you’re sick that you aren’t attuned to when you aren’t.

Sort of like drugs actually…

Well let’s start putting this all together now. You have objects of Wrath and Destruction, you have mental illness, you have demons, there’s pop culture and the media and there is free will.

They are all real entities, none are fairy tales or outdated notions.

Now, how do you think Satan manipulates “an object of wrath and destruction”? Does he take a healthy person and try to make them unhealthy?

After all, people do all have the right to choose, Satan can tempt and we know of possession but the problem with “possession” is that you render the person incapable of functioning and that typically defeats whatever purpose is trying to be achieved.

So what really makes sense in a modern society is that people are built. The “illness” is built. Whether it’s by tempting a child’s parents into doing something that traumatizes a child or a myriad of other life changing occurrences, mental illness essentially can be built through real life events into an otherwise normal person.

It sounds morbid and it certainly is just that, but if you took a child that you ordinarily would view with their best interests in mind, and instead looked to work through other people to give that child horrible traumatic events, and then simply tempted that child to react to those events in a manner which will suit someone’s agenda later in their life; you now have the blueprint for creating “an object of Wrath and Destruction”.

You use mental illness to do it…

Or, conversely, you could even create a genius.

The point is, that real mental illness is built into people to accomplish a spiritual objective (not all people who are mentally ill of course, just saying the potential is there).

The conditions that trigger the illness then become what is controlled, it becomes simply demonic maintenance to avoid certain conditions for X period of time and then introducing them intentionally to achieve the desired effect.

(and yes, I know there are your Manchurian Candidate groups out there also; this is more to the point of who those people learned it from in the first place and who truly has the power to control conditions in a person’s life much better than any MK Ultra ever will).

The result is a group of people who become “tools” in a global drama that they may have virtually no knowledge of; some whose creative endeavors can be manipulated through an innocent form of “temptation” and others whose illnesses can be manipulated to cause radical change in Politics and Pop Culture, sometimes in a very synchronized fashion.

The Faustian “deal with the devil” typically carries a premise that the person initially asked for a “gift” in exchange for their soul, but ask yourself a question.  If Satan has a “gift” to offer, be it talent or knowledge or power, does he need to wait for someone to ask for it?

Or could he give it to whomever he chooses, as long as it serves a  purpose in spiritual warfare?

Now, let’s just look at a convergence of a group of individuals that may all be manipulated individually in unique ways to accomplish one group’s agenda.

The original Faustian Deal with the Devil script hits stage around 1600AD. During the Elizabethan era. It’s safe to say that during this time William Shakespeare was never referred to as Billy Shears.

Goethe then redoes it in the early 1800’s

Then, it is rewritten as the Devil and Tom Walker in the 1800s

Alfred Jarry takes it a step beyond in the Exploits and Opinions of Doctor Faustroll, Pataphysician in 1911; establishing Pataphysics (Packaged chance as a component of Good and Evil) as a step beyond Metaphysics and influencing the likes of James Joyce and John Cage and virtually no one else, save for the appearance of Pataphysics in Maxwell’s Silver Hammer.

In all, this theme has been written dozens of times, in drama, books, and music over a 400 year span. By 1937 it is rewritten as the Devil and Daniel Webster, with an undercurrent of Civil War and Slavery issues from the 1850 era.



















1964 (November 22nd 1963)






The 27 Club














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  4. Looking at American Pie I thnink your right about Don McLean. He was a strict Catholic so he might have meant it more literal then what people think.

    1. Yep, I’m not some “insider” so I don’t know the answers to this, but when after I originally wrote this article I sat and looked at the lyrics to American Pie and thought “he wrote about the same thing as what I’m thinking happened”.

      It’s hard to say without knowing any of these people but you wonder how many of these artists realized that something deeper was happening through their work…

  5. Dude I never would havve put Faust together with Seargeant Pepper. It makes a lot of sense. I wonder what Billy Shields means though. By the way, I think the Stones did do SFTD after Altamont but not in the US.

    1. Yeah it does. I wrote this and then came across the lyrics to American Pie and was sort of blown away by how similar the theme seems to be and then added it in.

      I’m still trying to figure out the last part myself, but it could be that he had one interpretation and yet it somehow served as foreshadowing of some sort.

      There isn’t much question that the “day the music died” is sort of variable; it may start with Buddy Holly but then refers to a slightly different era it would seem in each verse.

    1. I see it more as being on the right track. If I do that and stay intellectually honest about it, then I’m happy.

      I think people looking at these types of mysteries give themselves license to be way too loose with the facts and that tends to discredit everyone who tries to look into these issues…

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  25. Delusions of Gender focuses in particular on the brain and media coverage, whereas Brainstorm is a synthetic evaluation of the theory that prenatal exposure to hormones has a long lasting impact in organizing the mind. The former is also much more geared towards the general public. Although both focus a great deal on methodology, Brain Storm is actually focused on the question of the etiology of gender differences, whereas the message of Delusions of Gender is focused on flaws in interpretation and use of neuroscience research.
    While I admire Fine’s questions, I think she makes some researchers and conclusions out to be more unreasonable than they actually are. She points out that researchers often make much of small studies and highlights two claims that originated in studies with a limited number of participants: the idea that males are more lateralized for language than females and that they have larger corpus callosums. Fine contends that when meta-analyses are done, it becomes apparent that this is not the case. It’s not that clear cut. Daniel Voyer conducted a meta-analysis and concluded that there are sex differences in lateralization (Voyer, 1996). Similarly, the corpus callosum claims often depend on how the measurement is done. It’s important to take into account study quality as well ( Holloway 1998). She downplays the ambiguity on these questions. Also, even Hyde’s Gender Similarities Hypothesis documented sex differences in some language-related skills(Hyde, 2005). Girls outperform boys on standardized reading and writing tests (Program for International Literacy 2006, US Department of Education 1997). Moreover, Fine’s discussion of the mental rotation and math relationship does not note some compelling findings that might alter a reader’s impression. For example, Casey and colleagues found that spatial abilities mediated the gender gap on the SAT-M (e.g. Casey et. al 1995, Tartre 1990). She cites Ceci et. al 2009 for a statement of dispute, but doesn’t go into detail about the issues they raised. They don’t think the research showing SAT-M scores and mental rotation are flawed, per se. That said, Fine raises some legitimate issues about how the scientific community and press responded to some papers, especially in light of subsequent findings and controversy.

    Although one can easily beg to differ with some of Fine’s takes on the data, many of the questions she poses are important and worthwhile. Much of the book features Fine explaining this technology and its limitations. She spends a lot of time indicting particular studies, illuminating how ambiguous some data is, and how it gets wildly interpreted. She emphasizes how challenging it is to interpret what’s really going on in the mind. One need not agree with Fine’s take on certain controversial issues on the topic to see her point about popular writers gone wild. She also rightly stresses that people tend to be particularly impressed with this research (Weisberg et. al 2008). Fine’s text is well-suited to instilling skepticism into readers and enabling them to look critically at the claims they might encounter in press reports. This is especially valuable because press reports typically mention methodological details, but don’t cover some of the limitations in procedures.
    The downside, though, as Diane Halpern notes is it not as helpful to distinguishing between cautiously executed studies with reasonable conclusions. Note also, such investigations do exist. (e.g. Allen et. al 2003; Koscik et. al 2009; Hanggi et. al 2010). Researchers who care about these sorts of issues, exist too. Consider Tor Wager who conducted a meta-analysis of 60+ brain imaging studies, and noted he was speculating in his discussion of them. Wager and one of his colleagues also opened a discussion of sex differences in the emotional brain by pointing out Aristotle’s views on women’s inferiority, and ended by emphasizing sex similarities. I suppose there are still limitations in the research, and some of this could be misconstrued. It’s not a researcher getting overly excited about a single spurious finding that conforms to stereotypes.
    Genes, hormones, and their impact on brain structure and function contribute to making the lives of men and women different (Hines, 2005). Yet, the awe that some neuroimaging studies inspire may not always be conducive to understanding how. New York Times editor wrote that Fine’s book helped her “see how complex and fascinating the whole issue is.” I do worry that this comes at the expense of dismissing legitimate scholarship.
    Ultimately, Fine posits that some of this research will wind up in the sorry scrap heap of the past. That’s not beyond the scope of possibility. Maybe in retrospect, we will see some bias, some flaws and gaps. But it won’t just be a bunch of over-eager researchers to

    Allen JS, Damasio H, Grabowski TJ, Bruss J, Zhang W. Sexual dimorphism and asymmetries in the gray-white composition of the human cerebrum. Neuroimage 2003;18:880-894.
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