Slices of Life – Ronnie James Dio

Sheesh, with all of the posts I’ve made about Satan and Rock music, how do I eulogize Ronnie James Dio?

I get the impression that he was really a pretty nice guy. I absolutely listened to his Dio work when I was young, even listened to him do a couple of songs on a Kerry Livgren Christian LP in the early 80’s.

I haven’t really focused any attention on the 80’s and up trend of outright glorifying Satan in music mainly because I don’t take that era as seriously; Satan became almost a gimmick to these bands by that time and you get the feeling that there should be Satan cartoon figures in Target the way that 80’s Heavy Metal treated him.

All I can say though is that Ronnie James Dio was one of the most gifted singers I ever heard; I sure hope he did make his peace with God before yesterday and RIP to a very talented man…


Author: willemaus

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