Steve Jobs is mostly nice to blogger guy…

It must be nice to sit down at home, have a drink and get into a mild e-flame war with Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Ryan hit Steve with some fairly decent points and although I agree with Jobs responses totally, he also steered clear of a couple of key topics; but it still bugs me that everyone keeps mis-characterizing the origins of the Apple/Adobe thing.

Adobe adopted a PC first roll-out of their product line in 1996 because Apple was in danger of going under and an already traumatized digital Prepress industry could not be left without a platform if that happened.

As part of that, in 1996 Adobe created a full version of Illustrator for Next Computer, which was run by STEVE JOBS.

Adobe thought so much of Steve Jobs that they made him his own version of Illustrator, they thought more of him than Apple at the time and time proved them correct on that valuation.

I know there is tension between Jobs and Adobe now, but I still say 1996/1997 has nothing to do with it…


Author: willemaus

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