9/11 Truthers – Disinformationists

I don’t really know how this entered my personal radar; but there’s a strange thing happening to me while idly watching Barack Obama deal with the BP spill.

I don’t think The President is really doing everything he should be, but it sort of strikes me as somewhat honest if not maybe the best course of action to let BP continue to take the lead on this rather than let the military take it over.

I don’t get the feeling the guy is covering anything up, it’s just not going real well, lets put it that way…

But the funny thing is that while I’ve been watching this, I’m sensing myself sort of waking up from the stupor of the 2000’s, when we were all seemingly pretending that our government wasn’t completely criminal and corrupt.

I’m involved in a JFK assassination forum, probably the most popular and intellectually honest forum out there. I’m nothing more than a bit player there, having gotten an invite based on having worked at the RR Donnelley Calplant and in fact was the last person to ever work there.

The Calplant is where the Zapruder film went the weekend of the assassination and where Life magazine was printed in those days; so I have some perspective on occasion about a topic that a lot of assassination buffs care about.

It’s interesting to read the opinions of those who have been immersed in the topic of that assassination for many years now and I’ve had the privilege of exchanging e-mails with the likes of Six Seconds in Dallas author Josiah Thompson, which all in all has been very cool.

But the thing about JFK assassination sites is, that virtually everyone that opines on anything seems to get branded as a “disinformationist” at some point, which gets sort of annoying in its paranoia but at least people have their guards up.

Then you get into the whole 9/11 thing.

Are we ever going to start calling this thing the way it really was?

If you click on the YouTube logo on that video and actually look at it from the site, read the comments attached to this video.

You have basically two groups of people, like something straight out of a cartoon. You have the people that more or less believe that things were all on the up and up, and then you have the 9/11 “truthers” which are engaged to this day in some of the dumbest and most absurd conspiracy theories ever penned.

Bear in mind, I’ve pinned most of this stuff on a satanic conspiracy in other posts so I’m not above a good conspiracy by any stretch.

But these 9/11 truthers are not only ludicrous, I wonder if most of them are on a payroll to give these opinions.

No one continues to be this ignorant for this long. If you don’t think planes hit those buildings, or that the media invented the flights, or they were missiles or something;  it’s either because you ignore the people that you must have met by now that knew people that saw them; or you are being paid to keep talking about this.

I’m opting for the latter…

Why? Because there is so much that is really there, if you’d only open your eyes and see it.

  • Dick Clarke says that Bush wanted a link between 9/11 and Iraq as communicated to Clarke in a meeting the next day. No one thinks that is an issue.
  • The dude sat in a classroom reading a book for 7 minutes after the second plane hit. That by itself probably caused the Pentagon to get hit. No one thinks that is an issue.
  • Norad was told about the situation before the first plane hit the first tower. As evidenced @ 3:00 of the clip above, 25 minutes later planes are flying over the Atlantic that are told to come inland. Why were planes sent over the Atlantic and out of the way? No one seems to think that is an issue.
  • No jet is in a position even 25 minutes beyond this to do anything about the plane about to slam into the Pentagon. Why is that? Well, as evidenced by 17:22 of this clip it’s because the planes were sent over the Atlantic. But hold on, the first planes were sent over the Atlantic at 8:45AM and at 3:00 of this clip at 9:08AM this issue was seemingly addressed. And yet now other planes from Langley have been since scrambled, and now they too get sent over the Atlantic so of course they can’t help either. Plus, did the planes that were originally sent over the Atlantic come back yet?  No one seems to think that is an issue.
  • While we have teams of fighter jets deliberately sent over the ocean, I stood in a parking lot roughly a mile from Midway in Chicago and watched a sea of planes all landing one after the other. It wasn’t announced that the FAA had grounded all flights for another 20 minutes, but planes everywhere were already converging on Chicago before 9:40AM nonetheless. When I say there were hundreds of planes coming into that airport (to say nothing of all of the planes flying into O’Hare), that might be understated. The number of planes flying through Chicago airspace was visually stunning to say nothing of being quite frightening at that moment… At the same time as Norad not being able to figure out where to put their fighter jets. No one seems to think that is an issue.
  • The President’s father is meeting with a Bin Laden when this all takes place and Bin Laden’s family is then flown out of the country. This is the most recent example of the Forrest Gump of Politics; GHWB’s son Neil was scheduled to meet with the brother of John Hinckley the night of Ronald Reagan’s assassination attempt; He called the Houston FBI field office at 1PM on November 22nd 1963 to offer information on a possible assassin of JFK and purportedly met with leaders from Iran in 1980 as a VP candidate with no current stake in the hostage situation to negotiate that the hostages be held onto until after the 1980 election; which culminated in the hostages being freed 20 minutes after Reagan’s inauguration, among other events. No one seems to think that is an issue.
  • You have text messages that were published from cell phones showing governmental communications saying that Iraq was warning of terrorist activity at 8:54AM on September 11th that then just magically went away. It’s an assumption, but if true it would be evidence of a false flag operation to pin an event on Iraqi sponsored terrorism only 8 minutes after the first plane struck and 8 minutes before the second plane hit. At a point when on TV everyone was still calling it an accident. No one seems to think that is an issue.
  • Why was there a report of a car bomb outside the State Dept. and the Capital being attacked and a fire on the Washington Mall when none of those things really happened? Yeah I get fog of war, it still doesn’t make that much sense. A car bomb, for one, is a rather significant event to have simply been made up. No one seems to think this is an issue.
  • Where’d the Anthrax come from? No one seems to think this is an issue.
  • We invaded THE WRONG COUNTRY and thousands of people died. No one seems to think this is an issue.
  • We pulled out of the right country without ever getting the guy responsible for the attacks. No one seems to think this is an issue.

What is important though is that Bush masterminded 9/11 by imploding the Trade Towers with rescue personnel inside and costing thousands of people their lives on the spot. He also hit the Pentagon with a cruise missile and made an entire flight of people disappear forever I guess.

He did this because it just wouldn’t have been bad enough if the buildings had simply burned all day, or if the plane that was now missing actually did hit the Pentagon. We apparently would never have been bothered enough to fight a misguided war had the buildings still been standing at the end of the day, so why not just implode them. Not to mention killing a bunch of your own military people in the Pentagon.

I guess my point is that no one will ever come anywhere near what may have been either allowed or facilitated somehow on 9/11 because of this continuous, consistent absurd voice of the profoundly ignorant that either the planes were fake and/or these towers were brought down on purpose by this “evil”regime.

Evil that has a legion of people pointing at it in the most absurd ways possible, “conspiracy theorists” that never look at the right issues or ask the right questions or get any smarter about the cartoonish theories they promote.

Opinions from people that probably choose between disinformation and online surveys as a second income…

So, really stupid (or paid to act as if they are) people blame Bush erroneously with an almost comic intensity. Smart people just keep their mouths shut and wait for the era to end before starting to ask the real questions.

Has the era ended yet?


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