The Teriyaki Chicken Pizza rant…

I just had this great idea!

Put Teriyaki Chicken onto a Pizza!



Well it turns out a lot of people have already done this.

What I don’t get though, is why they are putting freakin’ PINEAPPLES on it?

Do we put Orange slices on Bologna sandwiches?

Do we put mustard on Ice Cream?

Did we like New Coke?

Does anyone actually do anything other than run away from an Almond Joy bar?

Leave the Teriyaki Chicken just part of a Pizza, please! Dump some soy sauce on it if you have to, but don’t mix these tastes and consider it “cultured”!

And no, I don’t like Pineapples on Ham either. Sweet is sweet, salty is salty. I don’t want salty to be sweet, is that wrong?

This concludes my Teriyaki Chicken Pizza rant, even though I’ve never even tried it…


Author: willemaus

I write things and post things and talk about the things that I write and post...

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