Facetime…SpyCam 101

Well, the iPhone 4.0 is now reality.

I know I should be somewhat resistant to Apple’s marketing engine and try to show appropriate cynicism; but the new video-chat app, Facetime is something I’ve been imagining since I was a little kid; and I have to believe a lot of others have as well.

And it’s finally arrived…video phone calls. (It’s actually been here for awhile, but unless “everyone” has one most of the dynamics of the technology don’t really come into play…it will be mainstream now)

We saw it on the Jetsons, on StarTrek, 2001 A Space Odyssey, etc…I can remember reading a book when I was 5 about what the world would be like in the year 2ooo and one of the biggest changes that was communicated in this book to us impressionable 5 year-olds was that people were going to see each other when they talked on the phone.

And now it’s here.

Parents can talk to their kids and actually see where they are. Oh wait, what do you think the odds are that the kids actually don’t want the parents to know where they are at or what they are doing.

But, the parent can always “make” the kid turn on the video, right?

I think back to when I was a teenager, having a video-chat app on a cell phone and getting called by my parents probably would have ruined my childhood. (I’m really glad this was invented now when I’m on the other side of the equation.)

Advantage parents.

And then there are spouses talking on the phone to one another. “I’m at the office honey, I’ll be home soon!” Except…you aren’t at the office and can’t turn on the video as a result. In fact, your spouse isn’t where they should be either.

Plus, the camera isn’t limited to viewing in just one direction, the camera is on both sides of the device so you can see what’s going on all around the person you are talking to.

There’s a lot of “deceptive” things that go on in the world that the Facetimes and FourSquares of the world are primed and ready to expose.

However, if that makes you wonder if you would really want the iPhone 4.0 device, think of what it would be like when you really are at work and you can see your son’s at-bat live during a little league game, or your daughter’s recital.

Instead of waiting for someone to upload a concert clip onto YouTube you could watch a concert as it happens.

There are some pretty cool dynamics that are going to come into play as a result of Facetime, I think this is one app that really is going to change the world in some interesting ways.


Author: willemaus

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