Faces in Toast – December 8th, 1976

This is the fourth article of Faces in Toast, I won’t go on one of my 9,000 word essays like Fish Delusions for this one though.

Faces in Toast are sort of my supporting documents for the article The Catcher in the Rye Conspiracy; in which I put out a theory that Satan has been working on a very long range plan to use adolescence to temporarily turn teenagers away from God, with the reason for that being that it is teenagers that fight wars.

So, purely from a statistical standpoint, Satan then has the ability to “take” souls of the young on a battlefield that otherwise would grow up and have a much higher chance of putting away the sins of youth and putting God first in their lives.

So, my opinion is that Satan targets youth and simultaneously does whatever he can to manufacture war to accomplish this.

It just makes sense…

In both my original Faces in Toast article and Fish Delusions, I focused on a particular date; December 8th, to show that there does seem to be a lot of congruity between certain events that all seem to work towards a kind of “evil” goal.

Some of the December 8th events are pretty well known, I didn’t know until just recently though that the Eagles released Hotel California on December 8th, 1976.

Hotel California has always had the rumors of Satanic messages planted when you listened to the music backwards as well as some interesting artwork in the cover; and to be honest it’s probably the one song I remember growing up that sort of scared me listening to it forwards also, even though I love the song.

I haven’t been much of a fan of backwards masking, primarily because I didn’t take the notion very seriously when I was a teenager but my mother took it so seriously that we ultimately parted ways, so the subject continues to represent a sort of wound to me.

Plus, I really don’t think that backwards messages do anything to anyone, I would take it more as something Satan or the artists themselves could “get away with”, so they did. Or, it’s a rorshach test, either or…

Plus, who wants to really “blame” an artist for something that they may not have intended or have the right to not talk about even if they did?

But I got curious after all of the December 8th connections as to whether I could find anything in Hotel California that foreshadowed any of the other December 8th events, most notably John Lennon’s death on December 8th 1980.

So I listened to Hotel California backwards. Here’s what I found.

I can’t say I heard anything specifically relating to Lennon’s death, but I did hear his name mentioned 3 different times. I also heard December 8th two or three times and some other things relating to the event.

It was really funny how the idea hit me to look though. I was reading some generic songfact information about Hotel California and someone mentioned that the figure in the album artwork that kept showing up was sort of like an Elmer McCurdy event.

I didn’t know who he was, so I looked him up. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elmer_McCurdy

Elmer McCurdy was an outlaw from the early 1900s (is it just me, or did names like “McCurdy” go away at some point. I hear a name like that and think “oh he must have been from the 1800s or something”, which he was, but it’s like those “old-west” surnames just ceased to exist at some point in our history) that was killed over $46 back in 1911 and wound up being embalmed and “shown off” temporarily as a carnival attraction.

Then he was discovered when the series 6 Million Dollar Man was shooting on location in a carnival in Long Beach and someone from the set tried to move what he thought was a mannequin who was hanging from a gallows out of the way of their shooting and an arm came off that contained bone.

Turns out, it was Elmer McCurdy.

Now, the Eagles, among those of us that like their earlier work, are very well known for their old-west and outlaw songs. Desperado being the most famous, but they have entire albums dedicated to the subject.

So, I apply what seems to be an obscure Face in Toast (Eagles + Outlaws in California) and check a little deeper and find out that the LA police report on finding McCurdy on the set was filed on December 8th, 1976.

The same day that Hotel California was released. (oddly enough, the person who referenced Elmer McCurdy while talking about the Hotel California cover artwork hadn’t put the dates together at all).

Elmer McCurdy also had a 1924 penny in his mouth (I was researching this all for my Fish Delusions article which focuses on the number 24 because that is the number of years of enlightenment that is given by the devil as a “gift” whenever a person makes a deal with him in the various versions of Faust). It seemed like a sort of “here’s my card” item so I took it seriously.

So I make up in my own head that McCurdy must be pointing back to the Eagles and Hotel California somehow and start looking deeper into the song, and that’s how I found John Lennon referenced in reverse.

So, pretending that this may not be just simply my own mild psychosis; something occurred to me after I saw the Lennon references.

Like I said, I’m not much of a fan of backwards masking in general, because up until now it really has only been pursued as some sort of generic Satanist Billboard. But I have become a pretty staunch believer in a very short period of time that demons can and do communicate through unsuspecting people, when they want to.

It’s sort of a new frontier. Maybe what all of these backwards masking fans should really be looking for are clues to significant real world events that were foreshadowed in backwards music.

Remember, this is Lennon mentioned 3 times in Hotel California exactly 4 years before his death on December 8th 1980.

Hate to set mental health back 100 years or anything like that, but if these people are going to spend their time looking for stuff, maybe they should be looking for the right stuff.

It’s something that a Dan Brown should consider when looking at all of these religious “clues”, maybe the authors didn’t intend for the messages to be there; maybe someone else planted clues through those artists.


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