The Amish can read?

Yes, they can.

Just a mini rant, but the hook for this story is that the successful business is coming out of Lancaster Pennsylvania, which apparently is surprising that a business would be successful because they are surrounded by Amish and Mennonites.

Um, no.

I lived in Lancaster for a few years, there isn’t a group of people more primed for success, whether it’s intelligence or work ethic (it’s actually a combination of both) than people that live in Lancaster.

Why does CNN paint it as surprising that a business based in Lancaster would be successful?

Honestly, if you’ve lived in Chicago, or Detroit, or Racine Wisconsin, 3 other places I’ve lived in; it’s much more surprising that a business would succeed there than in Lancaster.

If you’ve sent a kid to school in any of those areas, you understand my point. Making Lancaster out to be “Little House on the Prairie” is absurd; it’s a bunch of very nice, well educated, extremely hard working people, some of which choose to travel in a buggy.


Author: willemaus

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