RIP to my main YouTube channel

Well, I finally got the dreaded third strike on my main YouTube account.

Luckily I have 5 other channels but it’s still sort of the end of an era for me.

I started with one lowly “music” channel back in 2007 when YouTube was a lot less cluttered and built up slowly with a number of Led Zeppelin videos; videos that today can’t be placed on another channel as they aren’t allowed as new videos but I could apparently keep them as the “originals” of certain performances.

It’s sad though to lose a million views and all of the videos that I started with on YouTube, a few of them may not be seen again on the site because of the copyright restrictions; in fact the video I got my third strike on had been on the channel for almost 3 years.

RIP to Valhalla45


Author: willemaus

I write things and post things and talk about the things that I write and post...

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