One of the things I’ll really miss from my original, now defunct YouTube channel are the comments that compile on videos as they become more popular.

Sometimes, the commenting takes on a life of it’s own and winds up having very little to do with the video being commented on.

“Nightwing” was a 14 year old boy that commented in what I would regard as a fit of complete frustration one night on my Fleetwood Mac-Over My Head video because he couldn’t date anyone.

Not for the reasons that we remember for those teenage struggles; but because all of the girls anywhere near his age were dating guys in their 20s.

Because he refused to play that same game and drop his sights to younger girls, he couldn’t date anyone.

The video comments turned into a giant encounter session with people of all ages more or less agreeing with him and offering advice on his plight.

I thought of Nightwing when I saw this story.

I have both teenage boys and girls; Nightwing is right. This is an epidemic and Perez Hilton defying all sense of decency and posting another picture of Miley Cyrus is just fueling the flames.

And no, Miley doesn’t have it coming. She can act however she wants and the adults can just walk out of the room.

What 17 year old girls do is for 17 year old boys (and all of the respective parents) to concern themselves with.

We used to stand up against this sort of thing.

We used to have enough sense to realize that teenage girls wind up losing part of their childhood because they are only able to go to certain types of parties or hang out in dark corners with their boyfriends because their boyfriends are breaking the law.

And then the boys who refuse to play that game, wind up alone.

Nightwing isn’t an isolated case; this is happening all over the country.

To be a bit preachy, there’s more than just protecting the innocence of a minor at stake; there is a holistic reason why teenagers should be hanging out with teenagers.

It’s called dating. Going to restaurants, dances, proms, movies, etc…

All of that is regarded as passe today; but in reality the main reason why is the number of adult-child relationships that make the normal dynamics in dating impossible.

Aren’t we smart enough to see what we are doing by looking the other way?

Perez Hilton sure isn’t.


Author: willemaus

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