The future of Spirituality

I’d have to say I find myself somewhat surprised, at myself, for being so proud of a cross being taken off of a church.

John Lennon once said that Christianity was going to shrink and fade. The fallout from that haunted the rest of his life.

But, Lennon was smart.

What John realized, what the rest of us are very slow to wake up to, is that real Christianity and the narrow gate is something that not many people are truly prepared for.

We keep publishing works like Boundaries to somehow make Christianity more palatable; to make it easier to be one.

The fact that no one can reconcile Boundaries with the Beatitudes doesn’t seem to faze anyone who’s life has been changed because of their new found walls.

But the truth is, that the teaching in Scripture is being subtly altered to make Christianity easier.

I fell for it.

Became a Christian again after 20 years away, spent 8 years trying to reconcile the new wave of Christian belief with what I had learned as a kid.

I finally came to the conclusion that Boundaries, and everything else I read that was like it, was a scam.

Do you think the rich young ruler went back to Church after Jesus told him to give away everything he owned because he was entitled to say no?

Do you think that any Christian would be prepared if someone walked up to them and demanded their home, or their children; just because a verse in the Bible says to not resist an evil person?

Do you think Judas had a legitimate grievance against God for the boundary intrusion of hating him and treating him as an Object of Wrath and Destruction?

For actually allowing Satan to enter him to convince him to betray Jesus?

What new age Christianity tries to do is make breaking those rules OK; and for any of us that have been through legitimate spiritual persecution over everything that can be done to someone once they say “yes” to being a Christian, we realize how many people are only in Church on Sunday morning because they are simply too ignorant to realize that they really have no business being there.

They bury their heads in the sand and defy anyone to be “mean” enough to actually tell them that they aren’t really following what has been written.

And of course, no one will, because that would be considered judgment.

Never mind that these people probably have no chance at heaven without substantial change in their lives, why love anyone enough to actually tell them so?

What you actually find in a Church today are people that don’t really understand Christianity; can’t defend it or define it and can’t explain why in 2000 years since Jesus Christ there still aren’t a solid set of rules that are followed by most of the denominations even within the United States.

Why do all of these people go anyways?

Because if you don’t go to Church, you are bad.

The beauty of C3, is that it doesn’t for one minute exclude Christianity, it makes room for people of all beliefs to commune together. It doesn’t exclude, there is a heart instead of a cross.

It lets the gate stay wide and lets the people within reconcile within themselves whether they choose Christian faith or they choose to bond with like minded individuals that just simply love each other.

I’ve always said that where the sixties lost their way was that it didn’t take sex and drugs to have togetherness; to have spirituality.

40 years later it’s coming to fruition. You don’t have to be martyred to have community on Sunday morning. You don’t have to sacrifice your life to enjoy spiritual fellowship.

You can certainly choose that; and no one that actually cares will do anything but applaud that choice.

But some of us tire of getting hit in the face again and again and again; tire of a lifestyle in which you are measured only by how much you have to take.

Every second spent that way, is a waste of living.

A lot of people need to go somewhere where it is actually explained to them how narrow the gate is; and won’t exclude them no matter which path they choose. They aren’t shunned while they work it out.

That is the future of spirituality.

We can have boundaries, just don’t try to call it Christianity…


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