OMG!! Guns are allowed in Chicago?

Guns are legal in Chicago today.

This means that the 2.7 million people now carrying guns in Chicago are  doing it legally…

Or, something like that.

Having spent a miserable decade living in that fine city, this might be the funniest and most ironic thing I’ve ever heard. And that’s not to downplay it’s nationwide significance.

Because everyone is carrying a gun in Chicago. Legal? Um, so what.

I was in Chicago for one week before a guy walked towards my car and pulled a gun and pointed it straight at me. I just drove away, hopeful that he didn’t decide to start shooting.

I walked into a bar, sat down and commented to someone that it is very strange that for such a “tough” city, there sure don’t seem to be too many fights taking place.

The guy I made the comment to opened his jacket to show me his piece, then pointed at the bar and said “take a look, everyone carries in Chicago”.

He was right, everyone had a gun on them. And this was a decent place, too. And no, no one ever gets into a fight in a Chicago bar.

All told I had guns pointed at me 4 times when I lived there, not once did I ever incite someone to draw their weapon however.

I saw one instance on the South Side where it made a difference. 4 of us were in a car one night, on lunch break while working third shift at RR Donnelley.

A guy walked up to the car and had the audacity to pull a switchblade on the driver.

Yep, a switchblade. A Not-a-Gun.


My friend pulled his tech-9, put it right in his face and the guy said “you win” and walked away, calm as can be.

And now it’s legal.

My hunch?

Now that it’s legal, crime will drop…but that’s just my opinion.


Author: willemaus

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