Sheep ignore Mel Gibson

In another sign of Mel Gibson’s fading popularity; he unsuccessfully ordered a herd of sheep to walk to Louisiana to aid in the clean up of the Gulf Oil spill today.

None of the sheep budged; apparently questioning Gibson’s abilities as a shepherd. This could be an allegory for Gibson’s current troubles as well as a sign from God that He would prefer that Gibson refrain from making any more movies about His Son.

Kevin Costner has offered to buy the sheep from Gibson…


Author: willemaus

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3 thoughts on “Sheep ignore Mel Gibson”

  1. If you watch a Nancy Grace show on CNN, she details audio which places all the blame onto his wife for making threats and accusations of retaliation against victim Mel. She needs to do a life sentence without parole, and Mel’s wife needs a $5,000.00 fine.

  2. I wish I had seen the Nancy Grace episode! I support Mel. I think this is a Jewish jihad to get Mel because Jews are the bigots. They hate Christians and they have had it in for Mel ever since he made the Passion movie.

    My blog support Mel. I now like Nancy Grace!

  3. This post was satirical, I do have another post titled “Mel Gibson – Object of Wrath and Destruction” that takes this topic a lot more seriously.

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