Mel Gibson – Object of Wrath and Destruction

This is probably the first time since I started writing on a regular basis that someone has caught my attention as being a legitimate spiritual “Object of Wrath and Destruction” (Romans 9:22).

Fish Delusions has been my pet writing project exploring the subject and I am working on a book about the topic at the moment.

Mel Gibson certainly has a history of inflammatory comments that spans back further than 2003, but just as certain since the making of The Passion of The Christ he has seen his personal life spiral downhill and his professional career has followed suit.

However this isn’t as much about Mel Gibson’s current state, which is certainly fairly shaky at the moment; as it is about the assertion that he has been targeted since making an extremely powerful movie about the crucifixion.

What has happened from the production of the movie till now:

  • The actor playing Jesus, James Caviezel, was struck by lightning during filming (2003)
  • Said that his wife was going to hell, basically for not being Catholic. (2004)
  • Going back to alcohol after over 15 years on the wagon.
  • “I own Malibu” (2006)
  • “The Jews were responsible for all wars” (2006)
  • “Sugar T***” (which he denies having said, in 2006)
  • Very publicly leaving his wife of almost 30 years and carousing with whoever instead.
  • “Do you have a dog in this fight”? Said to a Jewish reporter asking about Mel’s comeback and if it would be hard to overcome those who may not believe he should ever come back. (2010)
  • “A**hole”. Said to a different reporter asking roughly the same question (2010)
  • “You look like a f****** pig in heat, and if you get raped by a pack of N****** it’s your fault” (2010)
  • “I will come and burn your house down, but first you will bl** me”(2010)
  • “You f***ing deserved it” Said after allegedly striking his girlfriend twice while holding their child. (2010)
  • “I will report her to the f**king people that take f**king money from the wetbacks” Said about a Latino employee (2010)
  • And right when the most serious and damaging of the issues started, in July of 2010, his agent of 30 years passed away.

And I really didn’t feel this way initially, but the media’s handling of his issues and the tapes is cruel, excessive and is becoming it’s own version of his destruction.

There are 5 minute snippets of conversation with what is obviously a very sick individual being released every day now as of July 15th; each coming complete with a fresh round of commentary in blog posts, news stories and media “experts” who have no concept of his actual psychological issues that are dissecting every word he screams every night.

Well who’s choice is it to keep releasing 5 minute excerpts to maximize the damage?

It’s the media’s choice.

We could have, and I am coming to the conclusion now, should have, heard the whole thing at once and let it be talked about once and let it go to the authorities and professionals.

The media’s handling of this, coupled with how sick he obviously is, may be having the unintended consequence of starting to turn Mel Gibson somewhat sympathetic.

His treatment by the media has been brutal.

The point, beyond Mel Gibson needing some serious help at this point, is that for the past 7 years he has been almost mercilessly put under the gauntlet; for issues that he certainly really has but are now being highlighted per day with an almost tragic intensity.

It’s as if Oksana’s tape recorder has become the allegory for Mel Gibson’s life. “If he has a flaw, we’ll uncover it…”

When Judas betrayed Jesus, his real life love of money was targeted as a means to facilitate a betrayal. When Peter betrayed Jesus three times, a real condition inside of him was accentuated to accomplish something. Same with Pharaoh…

Why has Mel Gibson been targeted?

Probably because he made a movie that was very powerful, and Satan obviously knew he could bring the director of that movie crashing down to earth.

It’s simply a way to try and discredit a topic by discrediting the person that made the film about the topic.

We obviously don’t have a current listing of scriptural Objects of Wrath and Destruction because that is the domain of God and Satan and only they know for certain who would be in that category; and just as importantly, why they were targeted. But a starters list would include:

  • Pharaoh
  • Esau
  • Judas
  • Adolf Hitler
  • John Lennon
  • Mel Gibson

As you can see, the list of those that most would agree on are a group of people that had radically differing sets of circumstances. Hitler would be regarded as legitimately evil, Judas certainly had a fatal flaw like Mel Gibson does currently; Pharaoh was sort of a sympathetic bad guy because you leave Exodus questioning if his heart was artificially manipulated beyond what he would have done normally; Esau and Lennon were essentially victims.

Is there a moral to the story?

Not really right now, as Mel Gibson needs to write the ending to his own story.

But it’s interesting to me in that I’ve written quite a bit on this topic and never really had a current “case” to point at.

In each instance though, a person saw their life dramatically fashioned by forces that were essentially unseen and targeted their most tragic character flaws by intent.

And it’s scriptural…


You know, my wife and I had a really serious discussion about all of this last night and talked for quite awhile about Mel Gibson’s situation now vs. Tom Cruise’s situation in 2005.

Its interesting in that there have been so many other references to the parallels between the two made by others today that it seems worth discussing.

In 2005, when Tom Cruise spoke out against Psychiatry and put his career in serious jeopardy; he mainly was regarded as not having any concept of what he was talking about.

The reality was that there was a little sliver of truth in what he said; but it was completely obscured by both his inability to articulate his brainwashing in a way that anyone else could understand as well as the severe generalizations he made that invalidated anything legitimate he may have been getting at.

If you’ve ever been through the process of being prescribed meds for any sort of mental or emotional health issue; you understand that the process by which the psychiatrist arrives at the conclusion as to whether or not you need medication and if so what kind; is a bit less than scientific.

And if you state that whether or not you have a “deeper” problem that medication isn’t going to correct isn’t going to dissuade the psychiatrist from prescribing medication, is also basically an accurate statement.

But psychologists work with patients simultaneously at finding the “root” of any deeper issue and to state that people do not have chemical imbalances is patently absurd.

However, saying that whether you are on this medication or that medication is more often than not a matter of trial and error; or that you could prescribe pot or alcohol to certain people with certain maladies and get the same result; isn’t a completely wrong statement.

Most sane people will never come out and say it; but in a handful of cases out of a thousand, some meds do nothing productive for certain individuals with certain afflictions.

There usually isn’t much reason to say it because for most people their meds plus counseling do address the situation, so it’s only the exceptions who concern themselves with it.

And yet, to try and somehow broach the complexity of this subject in a 5 minute capsule and then to call everything the byproduct of an engram and wrap the answer around Scientology, severely damaged Cruise’s credibility and career.

Then contrast that with what Mel Gibson pointed out in 2004.

He got sort of an incredulous response from Diane Sawyer but the fact of the matter was that Mel Gibson talking about Dark Forces wasn’t regarded with anywhere near the derision as Tom Cruise’s beliefs about psychiatry.

Out of the two, it comes across sort of like Mel Gibson actually understands what he is talking about by pointing to a spirit underworld.

It’s the sort of validity that Mel Gibson had directly as a result of The Passion of The Christ; not to say that all agreed with the soapbox stances he was taking on other topics but the notion of “Good and Evil” was taken seriously for the most part.

Then the messenger got absolutely destroyed; and that certainly wasn’t to say it was something other than self-inflicted wounds but it’s a sort of demonic entrapment to accentuate and highlight all of a person’s worst qualities.

Out of the two, it’s the one that believes in good and evil that seems more believable; but Mel Gibson was a threat to the devil and Tom Cruise really wasn’t.

So as a result, one has been essentially flogged, the other just hired a new PR person…


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