Big Brother

I was watching CNN talk about this site and their abilities to track your online “brand”, in other words everything about you and what you do online.

Funny though that it cannot seem to distinguish between you and the other people that happen to use a particular device; though obviously it would be harder to manage that from their standpoint.

I’ve been involved in targeted advertising since the very first variable data device and their relevant databases started functioning about 15 years ago; but it’s worth knowing today that although you can certainly opt-out, I never opted-in with Blue Kai to begin with, and yet they have extremely focused information based on what I regard as being invasive mining of data.

This is one of the aspects of the internet that I think is still in evolution; the management of private data is still in what I would regard as a very sleazy state right now and at some point I’m sure this will become regulated; but not yet though…


Author: willemaus

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