Dr. Laura, I wish you would have stood your ground…

I’m White…

That out of the way, can we please start calling “entrapment” what it really is?

Dr. Laura was completely right, at least about the use of the N-word within the African American race. The rest she doesn’t have an appropriate sensitivity in my opinion but I’m focused just on this one aspect right now.

She attempted to articulate that she was essentially being entrapped by having referred to an issue and using the full word while referring to it; so now I’m going to do the exact same thing but frame it into my own personal context.

Here’s why this issue really chafes at me. My Grandson is half African-American. He gets called N***** all the time, by friends and relatives that are African-American.

Now, do you think as a grandparent that I should be offended by that?

Honestly, because I’d really like to hear the answer.

Dr. Laura ultimately apologizes because she hurt people. I want to know who ever apologizes for hurting my two year old grandson.

Not because he’s hurt right now, but because the day will come soon enough that he will have to sort through why it’s OK for people of one race to say something completely degrading to him and accept it as normal but if it comes from another race he then has a right to be appropriately offended.

Who’s going to explain this to him? Who’s going to explain it to me?

Why is it OK to teach a 2 year old that word and in fact call him that word, if you are of the same race?

Author: willemaus

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