The Unpardonable Sin…

I’m going to politely point something out here, based on a YouTube video in which it is alleged that Pentecostals could be demonically possessed.

There are thousands of comments to this particular video, many of which state that the preacher is committing the Unpardonable Sin of ascribing works of the Holy Spirit to demons.

I am now freely and of my own volition going to commit the Unpardonable Sin and agree with him.

Because I’d like to point out something that has been extremely troublesome to me about this one particular encounter between Jesus and the Pharisees.

That something is that I absolutely know for a fact, beyond a shadow of a doubt in my mind, that demons impersonate God while within people.

They do.

The question then becomes, why exactly does Jesus, when responding to the Pharisees, not only completely ignore the potential for a demon to impersonate the Holy Spirit, but also ignores the potential for Demon #1 to pretend to leave when Demon #2 rebukes him in order to facilitate a hoax?

Why would Satan cast out Satan?

To make it seem like someone demonic has Godly powers, that’s why.

You don’t think it would be worth a demon temporarily leaving someone in order to convince thousands of other people that someone has Godly powers?

After all, the demon could just come back later…

He then proceeds to explain that if anyone ever questions this dynamic; if anyone ever examines this possibility and calls the Holy Spirit demonic, then they have now committed an Unpardonable Sin and have no chance at Salvation and will never be forgiven for it.


So, when I was a teenager in a Pentecostal Church, and hearing people like John Todd and Mike Warnke give all of these fascinating stories; and they had their arms raised and were speaking in tongues and praising God and everyone else listening to them was doing the same; and yet their entire stories were founded on lies and I witnessed “Spirit” filled Christians jumping up and down in praise at the exact moment they were being lied to, and in fact were responding directly to a lie while supposedly empowered by the Holy Spirit; and yet in Mike Warnke’s case it took almost 15 years for anyone to expose the fraud, so never once before or after a service did someone receive a spirit of truth to call into question his testimony, that I HAVE to take that as being the Holy Spirit or else I cannot ever be forgiven?

Folks, that’s a scam.

Why did Jesus not operate with intellectual integrity on this issue? Why did He promote a scam?

That’s a dead serious question…

People that have read my Faces in Toast stories know that I examine the possibilities of demonic hoaxes and foreshadowing pretty closely; I’ve come to believe very strongly that under certain circumstances that Demons (Supernatural Entities) are allowed to communicate “clues” to people through artistic creative endeavors.

After spending well over a year researching Spiritual Warfare, Pop Culture and Rock and Roll; there’s one huge mystery to me that led me back to this troubling issue.

Why in Rock and Roll, pretending for a moment to not realize the irony in that phrase itself, is the phrase Rolling Stone so prominent?

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