Faces in Toast – Carnival of Light

This post of Faces in Toast potentially means nothing, as I’ve never heard the mysterious Carnival of Light song that the Beatles did in 1967.

Paul McCartney has continued to promise through the last number of years that someday this song could still actually be released; my interest and really I just want to document this so I don’t forget about it later, is the “Turn Me on Dead Man” penny found in the mouth of Elmer McCurdy and the parallels to Carnival of Light and Mal Evans.

Carnival of Light was recorded on January 5th, 1967. It supposedly is a totally Avant – Garde piece reminiscent of Revolution Number 9 that lasts 13:48 seconds.

The “Carnival” theme of the song and the Penny both hearken to the finding of Elmer McCurdy in a carnival during a six million dollar man episode shooting on December 8th, 1976. This date was exactly 9 years after Magical Mystery Tour’s release which contained among other mysterious items the M&D Co. sign that could foreshadow John Lennon’s fate as well as being the same date that Lennon died on 4 years later.

Carnival of Light was also recorded the same night that Paul did the vocals for Penny Lane.

Exactly 9 years after Carnival of Light was recorded, to the day, Mal Evans was killed in Los Angeles.

Mal was a Beatles engineer and close to the group; he’s probably most famous for being the voice that counted to 24 before the alarm clock goes off in A Day in the Life.

The penny in Elmer McCurdy’s mouth was a 1924 penny.

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