Geez, if Vietnam was ending today it would be a big deal!

The “it never should have started in the first place” Iraq War comes to a close today.

Sometimes, I think that things are just so monstrous that we as a society choose not to really engage it.

I told my son when Obama became President that this country would finally be able to actually speak it’s mind on the subject of a President intentionally invading the wrong country for a made up reason and simultaneously having the utter gall to say he prayed about it daily and that it was God’s Will.

Maybe we will never really engage this subject and keep it under the rug, but I’m sure that there is a very special place in Hell for people that perpetrate evil while claiming to be Christians.

Of course, that isn’t to say any person couldn’t change after being in office; but the people who delude themselves and others and turn thousands of people completely off to Christianity because they engage in these practices need something special.

The ironic thing is, it’s Barack Obama that takes all of the heat about his religious beliefs, but if I had to choose, I would take the person that engages in intellectual honesty on the topic much sooner than the person that just tells everyone he’s a Christian and then performs evil.

That’s just me I guess…


Author: willemaus

I write things and post things and talk about the things that I write and post...

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