Faces in Toast – Attica

If there’s any doubt about the spiritual warfare aspect to the fate of John Lennon, this incredible encounter on December 16th 1971 should give some pause.

John and Yoko very passionately argue that “love” is needed for the prisoners in Attica who have rioted and caused 43 deaths while debating two members of the audience that feel that they are glorifying criminals with their song Attica State.

Needless to say, fast forward to the past 30 years where John Lennon’s killer Mark David Chapman just so happens to reside in this exact same institution.

It’s clear that Yoko Ono’s opinion on Chapman today being a danger to society is the correct one and he still resides where he should be; but isn’t it amazing in the coincidence of putting her in the position now of having to backtrack on everything that they said on this topic in 1971.

And, look at the guy just left of the two audience members.

Does he look quite a bit like a current resident at Attica?

Supernatural hatred on film…


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