Could The Beast really happen in this age?

It’s pretty common these days to see articles about animals with chip implants or kids that are given cards in their schools that can be used to track their whereabouts during the school day; it’s quite self-evident at this point that the technology exists today to implement a 666 type mark.

And yet, people typically fall into one of two camps when it comes to the Beast of Revelation; there are those who completely dismiss the possibility as a sort of foolishness and then there are those that believe that the apocalypse is at hand.

This has been the case for literally thousands of years now; there has always been a group that has lived convinced that their time is the end time referred to in scripture and then there is the group that dismisses the first group as engaging in lunacy.

It sort of mimics conspiracy theorists in a sense.

We should know factually that evil exists in the world as part of a journey towards the end times and that all evidence of evil does not necessarily mean that the time we see evil portrayed in equals the end; but we also know just as logically today that this era is the first in which a chip or mark is technologically feasible, so one of the two obstacles has been removed.

But the other of course is Christianity itself.

To say we could realistically implement a chip is one thing; to say that Christians would allow it to be implemented is something quite different.

That’s why we see implants in dogs or birds and cards carried by children but nothing that would actually constitute a mark.

Because the dominance of Christianity as a faith in this country would never actually allow such a thing to take place.


When I look at how the end times will actually occur, this is the obstacle that quite frankly has been the most mystifying to me.

How could Christianity ever sufficiently be removed to the point that a mark would actually be accepted in our society?

I mean, logically that would have to be hundreds of years away yet.


Well on the 9th anniversary of 9/11, let’s look at what seems to be regarded as the “Islam” problem and try to theorize for a second whether it just isn’t possible for Christianity to fade far enough into the background to make a “mark” possible.

There is plenty of healthy debate regarding Islam, and whether the radicals of this religion interpret their Holy Word in such a way that makes violence feasible and yet against secular law.

We rail about the dangers of this happening, whether it’s athiest or agnostics that highlight this and all other radical interpretations of religion as being the cause of conflict in our world; or Christians who believe that radical interpretation of the Quran lends itself to violence in the name of God.

OK, but now lets take a fresh look at the only roadblock between Christianity and the end times prophesied in Revelation.

It’s Jesus Christ.

What does Christianity become without Jesus?

It becomes illegal.

What God says in the Old Testament that needs to be done in case after case, scenario after scenario; to actually apply Old Testament law in obedience to God, would be against the laws of the United States today.

What would Christians do without Jesus?

Would they still obey God?

Even if to do so would be against our laws?

Now that seems ludicrous in it’s own right. Jesus is the Son of God. He is the foundation of modern Christianity.

But what if it was demonstrably provable that He wasn’t?

Or, what if He really was, but the Bible could be proven false and put his Deity into sufficient question?

What if an age came in which Jesus was rendered a fake, or a fraud, or just simply a misled human being?

Demonically possessed perhaps without His knowledge.

Then Christians everywhere would have to revert back to Old Testament practices or give up Christianity altogether.

Would any Christian in this country today realistically engage in stoning? And accept the punishment from the Government for having done so?

It’s just a personal prediction, but what to watch for besides just a number, is when the identity of Jesus as the Son of God starts being attacked as false.

Islam really isn’t the primary danger to our society, Christianity without Jesus is.

How does that equal 666?

I guess we’ll all have to figure that out…

Author: willemaus

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