Would we have just shrugged off Bin Laden in the sixties?

I feel like I should have made a more direct mention of 9/11 in my Godiantity post yesterday, so I’ll ask the rhetorical question today instead.

Would the sixties or seventies generations have just let this country not pursue Osama Bin Laden until he was caught and duly punished?

My research into those eras has left this question in the back of my mind; how weak and how passive we have all become to let ourselves get bamboozled the way we have.

You know, a lot of this is the Bush administration, but a lot of it is also the fault of all of us for not demanding transparency and, you know, actually trying to go after Osama.

Maybe in the 30’s we’d have stood by and watched this happen, maybe even in the 50’s, but we honestly seem as a culture to have learned absolutely no lessons whatsoever from the protests of the sixties and seventies and the Watergate saga.

Can you imagine those who fought for Civil Rights and those who fought against a misguided war in Vietnam to end sit back and watch us invade the entirely wrong country and pursue the entirely wrong guy?

There is no way in the sixties that this would have happened, and don’t even get me started on the media’s criminal complicity in not showing a shred of intellectual integrity while covering the Iraq war, and I mean criminal.

To pretend every single day for 9 years that capturing Osama Bin Laden is  not the first and foremost responsibility of the US Government? And oh who cares if we let the headlines be dominated by our national outrage being manipulated into a war against a country that didn’t have any of the weapons that the US Government said they did? While simultaneously not chasing the guy who caused planes to fly into buildings in our country?

For not even caring that a President sat in a room reading a book while there was an ongoing attack against our country. Why, because we can’t quite bring ourselves to admit that if he would have acted right away that just maybe that third plane wouldn’t have actually gotten to the Pentagon?

Is that too tough a question for us to look at?

I’ll give you a hint, it should be against federal law for a President to not get into an immediate decision-making posture as soon as there is any evidence of an attack on our country.

Otherwise, I guess if Barack Obama was giving an oval office speech on television, “hey wouldn’t that be the best time for someone to start bombing the United States?”

After all, the President is too busy to deal with that, he’s on TV right now!

The youth of the sixties and seventies simply wouldn’t have allowed that stupidity to win. They would have created news of their own. News about the protests over the absolute absurdity of our Government’s actions.

Instead, we got 9/11 truthers, who are a combination of paid government disinformationists and those not bright enough to ignore them and yet still protest what is actually wrong.

It always amazes me when you look at the work of The Doors, or Pink Floyd, or quite obviously The Beatles, in how well-read and informed they actually were.

It’s in the music, topics and complexity in the lyrics that you would never dream of hearing today. Listen to the interviews, listen to Dylan, understand that these people may not have always been right but listen to how SMART they were.

Zeppelin may have dragged down the level of discourse into just get high and forget about it, but don’t tell me that Robert Plant wasn’t intelligent.

They protested based on ideals that were actually well thought out and researched and most importantly, understood.

What they protested, they understood. And they also understood the goal of protest, to not let the media ignore the real issues and the real voice of the young.

If Osama Bin Laden had had teams fly planes into buildings in the sixties, he’d have been captured years ago and maybe after that we might worry about Saddam Hussein.

Where did it all go? Why did we all get so dumb?


Author: willemaus

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