Spirituality redux

Oh all right, just one more.

I spent 9/11 in a sort of haze, by the end of the day I was honestly starting to question whether there would be a 9/12.

I typically try to avoid the sense that “something I said” might result in me being smote, or smitten, or smited or whatever it is that happens to people when their whole world collapses around them for no apparent reason; but I usually can reason my way through that sense.

But after my Christianity – Jesus = AntiChrist post on Saturday I was starting to feel the bullseye and don’t think I was inventing it myself.

And yet, there was one particular part of the day that seemed to be part of this macabre journey that oddly enough somehow turned into the exact opposite.

I’m old enough to remember the re-start of the Michigan – Notre Dame series; I remember Harry Oliver and I remember Bob Ufer being just as heartbroken as I was.

Notre Dame always seems to get the miracle, or they lose because they deserve it. When it seems like it’s up in the air though, I’m just used to things somehow going Notre Dame’s way against Michigan.

So, in the day of my torment, my Michigan was playing Notre Dame and with about 4 minutes left, suddenly the sun appeared over Notre Dame stadium, and wouldn’t you know it, there was a rainbow over the stadium.

Now my psychosis or tormentors are having a field day; Jesus is now using Notre Dame to spite me and only me and I just know it.

And then, a 95 yard touchdown pass to this white dude that I honestly believe I would have caught from behind, as pissed off as I was while it was happening. But alas, no one on the Michigan team could and there it is.

Jesus got me back through a football game.

And then this weird thing happened; Michigan started moving the ball. And then they scored a touchdown to retake the lead.

And then, for some reason I still cannot comprehend, the Notre Dame QB threw the ball out of the endzone on the last play and Michigan won the type of game they never win when Notre Dame is the opponent and Jesus is pissed off and rainbows are hovering over South Bend.

Just maybe, if there is a Jesus, He likes Michigan too…


Author: willemaus

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