Faces in Toast – Seedy Bee’s Mystery Tour

An amazing find, that I didn’t find but am happy that someone else did, the archives of the International Times in London from the sixties.

It’s amazing in that if you take a real good read of this periodical, and then suddenly apply your reading to the sixties, a lot of things suddenly start to make a little more sense than they did before.

One thing, under this rather amazing interview with Paul McCartney in the weeks right after his so-called death, is the cartoon Seedy Bee linked here.




Bear in mind that this is a cartoon from January of 1967, almost a year before Magical Mystery Tour came out.

But, look at the bus!

It’s not like the concept was THAT revolutionary but it was rather astounding to me that a key piece of Beatles history resides in a simple cartoon almost a year before it actually comes to fruition.


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