Faces in Toast – Hwy. 10

Let’s start heading towards Dallas…

In All the President’s Men, Mark Felt famously told Bob Woodward to follow the money when Woodward started to investigate the Watergate break-in.

Felt as Deputy Director of the FBI presumably knew quite a few of the answers that Woodward was looking for, but preferred that Woodward find his own answers his own way while unraveling the Nixon Administration’s complicity.

Well likewise, although there are still a few stones to unturn with regards to the Beatles and Supernatural Warfare and the key piece of how it could relate to the end times have yet to fully be revealed, we need to start turning our sights towards Dallas and the other half of our Supernatural Mystery; the political side.

Dallas is our starting point, but ultimately the road will lead us to California.

Last year, I simultaneously was drawn by very curious circumstances into what I originally felt were two completely different and unrelated topics.

One was Satan and Rock and Roll and the other was JFK.

I spent some time looking into each independently but soon enough came to the rather remarkable conclusion that perhaps I was being led into both topics because the two topics were related; and finding the answer to the one could lead to finding the answer to the other.

The deepest Pop Culture mystery of the last 50 years has certainly been the mystery of the Beatles, and in particular the anti-conspiracy of “Paul is Dead” and what is really buried underneath.

However that mystery is quite frankly nothing compared to the Mother of All Mysteries and that is the assassin(s) of President John F. Kennedy on November 22nd 1963.

Being now convinced of the supernatural hand on the rise of the Beatles and it’s influence on Pop Culture and the magical society of the sixties; we now need to start seeing the other side of the same coin.

The Beatles second LP was released on November 22nd 1963.

Their first US television exposure came on the CBS News on the morning of November 22nd 1963.

The same piece was supposed to air on the evening news that night.

John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22nd 1963.

So, both Beatlemania and the escalation of Vietnam launched on the very same day.

So to paraphrase Mark Felt, let’s start the next phase of Faces in Toast by just stating upfront the correct road to the answer of the greatest mystery of our time.

Follow the Occult.

…and we’ll go from there.


Author: willemaus

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