Ping coming on…I think

Well Apple’s Ping, in very short order, is starting to become what it should have been right out of the gate.

I’m assuming Apple has a plan, something to the effect that I can transfer all of my music to someplace in the cloud (“the cloud” is going to be in North Carolina somewhere I think) and then when my laptop goes down I still have all of my music; needing to treat my songs as some sort of physical commodity that I could actually lose is a sort of 10 years ago sensation that no one should have to contend with today.

But beyond that, and, you know, the fact that iTunes is still some sort of monstrous application that wastes my battery rather than a tab on my browser, it seems like Apple is finally on the road by making a like tab for each of my artists and their songs so I can show my undying appreciation for 45 year old songs that are infinitely better than anything I hear today.

But next, can Apple please get rid of this idolatrous notion that I follow an artist because I am so intensely interested in where they did their laundry last night?

You replaced the feature I loved, the “similar” songs feature that let me remember what I don’t have in my library but should, with this fanboy Ping thing where all I am concerned with is what Coldplay had for dinner last night.

I don’t care, I want to know what artists are similar to Coldplay that have songs I should add to my library.

You’re getting closer Apple, just keep the Facebook/Twitter thing away from my iTunes interface, if I want to see that stuff, I’ll go looking for it.

Author: willemaus

I write things and post things and talk about the things that I write and post...

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