Michigan needs duh!

…a new defensive coordinator.

I don’t post much on sports as I’m a reformed sportsholic that enjoys no longer being one but after watching Michigan lose to Penn St. tonight I absolutely cannot believe that a defense can be that awful and something not be done about it, although Rich Rodriguez jumping in front of Greg Robinson at the start of the 4th Quarter was a move I really enjoyed and was wondering when exactly he was going to grab the headset and take over that side of the ball.

I know the personnel issues, but honestly I would have fired that guy tonight.

I read MGoBlog when I get the chance and love the intelligence of not only the writers but the posters there as well, but something is wrong when everyone cannot see what is wrong with that football team and keep acting as apologists for Greg Robinson because of the talent level.

The Michigan team would be virtually unbeatable with the 2007 West Virginia defense and would be completely unbeatable with the 1970 UM defense that had neither the talent or speed of the current group.

What each did have was heart, a steel backbone and could tackle. Oh, and they were where they were supposed to be; these guys have no clue how to play defensive football and that is so blatantly the defensive coaches fault that the guy needs to go away.

Right now.

I know a lot of people think it’s a Rich Rodriguez thing, but as a guy who watched Michigan football pretty closely for decades but has mostly taken a welcome break from the sports world, what I watched tonight was an offense that has talent and intensity and a team that has an unselfish work ethic.

The WRs block, the HBs block, the prima-donna backup QB got with the program and became a man.

That’s Bo stuff…on one side of the ball.

And none of it exists on defense, the values the offense has, the defense doesn’t.

If both had it, these guys would be kicking the crap out of people. He needs to stay and hire Jeff Casteel or something…

That’s all…


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