I guess I haven’t lost it…

I rarely think about, let alone post on football these days.

I couldn’t help myself though after sitting through an entire football game from the first time in over 3 years on Saturday night…I was seeing something so blatant and awful that I jumped over to MGoBlog to see what the experts thought; and was sort of stunned that the initial reactions weren’t of the outraged “this guy (DC Greg Robinson) has got to go right now” variety.

So I posted my own opinion here.

It’s sort of gotten to the outrage point since though, but I was curious as to what Brian Cook, the Bob Ufer of blog writers, take on Penn St. was going to be.


This restores my faith in my own ability to see a football game correctly, even after 3 years away from the sport.

Greg Robinson really needs to go away today, not after the season. As a head coach, I would expect Rich Rodriguez to know when something is so bad it needs to end immediately, not later.


Author: willemaus

I write things and post things and talk about the things that I write and post...

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