Faces in Toast – Future things

Just a quick point out, I’ll probably be adding this to Fish Delusions soon.

The Mothman legacy that I’ve sort of tied into the Beatles mystery contains foreshadowing that matches the 13 months of the Mothman sightings up to the collapse of the Silver Bridge on December 15th, 1967.

This I’ve connected with the corresponding 13 years up until John Lennon’s death on December 8th, 1980.

Now, there were 37 cars on the bridge when it collapsed in 1967; but the true oddity of the number 37 came from the Mothman prophesies movie with Richard Gere where the number of dead was changed to 36, with the Police Chief being the mythical victim number 37 in the film.

When she was then saved, Wake up number 37 became the film’s signature line.

Dimebag Darrell Abbott was then killed 37 years from the Silver Bridge collapse on December 8th, 2004.

The point being, the true number of victims was actually 46. 46 years possibly being the final chapter of the legend of Mothman; and that date hasn’t happened yet.

December 8th, 2013.

I probably would avoid any concerts on that date…


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