Faces in Toast – Fish Delusions (24) – 1980


Then at the end of the 13 years which started in 1967; a span in which a number of Rock’s brightest stars have already passed away, some of whom were 27 but the last one wasn’t (John Bonham); Mark David Chapman stands outside the Dakota on the fence (his own free will) about whether or not to kill John Lennon.

Paul Goresh just happens to mention to this sick, psychotic person that the Dakota happens to be where Rosemary’s Baby was filmed; and now Chapman uses his own imagination to piece together that Roman Polanski directed Rosemary’s Baby, Charles Manson killed his wife because he heard messages in Beatles songs, now Lennon who wrote Helter Skelter lives in the same building (even though it was actually McCartney that wrote the song), and this must be a sign that he has to kill John Lennon.

Sure, it’s probably a sign from Satan who’s the one who orchestrated all of this in the first place.

Then as Chapman stands pondering this, Mia Farrow walks right past him.

Chapman of course is another instance of a person whose mental illness could very well have been scripted through childhood abuse. And even though part of him is trying to fight his way out of what he is about to do, it seems as if he gets sucked back in every time he tries.

Paul Goresh is a photographer who just happens to strike up a conversation with Chapman outside the Dakota, the two don’t know each other. He has no clue that his innocuous statement about Rosemary’s Baby will set off a chain reaction of thought in Chapman; and if the thought to mention the movie did cross his mind, he would have no reason to do anything other than say what he had just thought; but the result was disastrous.

It’s the hook…

Chapman, who had bought a .38 from a dealer named Ono in Honolulu, shoots Lennon 4 times; John Lennon who had described death as getting out of one car and into another, goes from a limo to a squad car at the end of his life.

Satan built the mental illness, and then Satan used previous incarnations of it to justify the crime and then Chapman followed through on it.

Exactly 13 years after December 8th, 1967.

John Lennon, much like the recurring theme of the “deal with the devil” in Faustus, has 24 years of composing genius. Two people meet, one who was scripted through childhood hurt to be a genius, the other who was scripted through similar hurt to be a psychotic killer, at just the right time to make a dramatic cosmic point.

Apply another Face in Toast, take the “Roman” numerals of Mark David Chapman (MDC), you get 1600 and come right back to the initial story of the Faustian Deal with the Devil.

Howard Cosell announcing Lennon’s death during Monday Night Football on December 8th, 1980.

The scene reminds of a portion of Revolution Number 9 in which you can hear Hold that line, block that kick in the background. (The game was tied 13-13 at the time of the announcement)

An ABC correspondent just happens to be at Roosevelt Hospital is John Lennon is brought in and is able to relay the information to the network in time for Howard Cosell to very reluctantly broadcast the announcement with 3 seconds remaining, as New England is lining up to kick a field goal.

4 years later on the Faustian holiday Walpurgisnaght, Roger Waters of Pink Floyd released his first solo album, The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking, which mostly deals with a dream regarding infidelity however in the title track (5:01AM) the lyrics are somewhat curious and vaguely familiar.

An angel on a Harley
Pulls across to greet a fellow rolling stone
Puts his bike up on it’s stand
Leans back and then extends
A scarred and greasy hand…he said
He said, how ya doin bro?
Where ya been?
Where ya goin’?
Then he takes your hand
In some strange Californian handshake
And breaks the bone
[Whiny person:] “Have a nice day, hehe”

A housewife from Encino
Whose husband’s on the golf course
With his book of rules
Breaks and makes a ‘U’ and idles back
To take a second look at you
You flex your rod
Fish takes the hook
Sweet vodka and tobacco in her breath
Another number in your little black book

These are the pros and cons of hitchhiking
These are the pros and cons of hitchhiking
Oh babe, I must be dreaming

I’m standing on the leading edge
The Eastern seaboard spread before my eyes
Jump, says Yoko Ono

I’m too scared and too good looking, I cried
Go on, she says
Why don’t you give it a try?
Why prolong the agony all men must die
Do you remember Dick Tracy?
Do you remember Shane?
[Child:] “And mother wants you.”
Could you see him selling tickets
Where the buzzard circles over
[Child:] “Shane.”
The body on the plain
Did you understand the music Yoko
Or was it all in vain?
[Child:] “Shane…”
The bitch said something mystical
So I stepped back on the curb again

Like Don McLean 13 years earlier, do you get the feeling that Roger Waters realized something? And maybe thinks Yoko should have realized it too?

John Lennon had ended a self-imposed 4 year exile to sign with Geffen Records and make the Double Fantasy LP which was released just weeks before his death.

He signed with Geffen on 9/22 in 1980, which so happens to mirror a biblical verse in Romans that talks about Objects of Wrath and Destruction.

One portion of the Double Fantasy LP that has since lived in infamy is the Yoko song Kiss Kiss Kiss, which contains the line “I shot John Lennon” when played in reverse.

She didn’t, and how could anyone really know what exactly to avoid to keep John alive.

What wasn’t avoided though was a strange trip through the devil’s triangle to Bermuda on a 43 foot sailboat that Yoko urged John to take in June of ’80. The result of that trip, which turned out rather predictably to be a rather harrowing experience, was John “regaining his muse” and becoming inspired to write songs again after more than 5 years of retirement.

Mark David Chapman and Charles Manson are still in prison, waffling between their own personal responsibility, psychosis and demonology.















1964 (November 22nd 1963)






The 27 Club













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