Faces in Toast – Fish Delusions (24) – 1973


Quadrophenia is released by the Who, following up Tommy with their second rock opera dealing with multiple personalities, this time someone with dissociative identity disorder, there is a personality for each member of the band.

Its a very odd coupling throughout the late 60s and 70s for lyrical themes; a preoccupation with either multiple personalities or Faust (and sometimes both) by the most popular artists of the era.

Also, Dark Side of the Moon is released by Pink Floyd, dealing with life, death and mental illness.

There is an awful lot that can be explored through this LP, but lets highlight for now the connections that once again imply a potential link that the involved parties don’t have any concept of.

First is the connection between Dark Side of the Moon and the Wizard of Oz; the band swears to this day that they did nothing to sync up the album with the movie; you wouldn’t expect to hear that answer if profit or promotion was the goal, as sales would soar, it just seems to be the truth that the two just somehow and for some reason go together. (This will probably be the next “Faces in Toast” post. There is so much to cover and so many connections between this LP, The Wall, the Wizard of Oz and this topic that I think it needs to be an article on its own)

Also, this album comes about halfway through our 13 year journey and oddly enough ends with a heartbeat after the final words of Eclipse (there is no dark side of the moon, it’s all dark really) while if you listen closely in the background, you will hear an orchestra playing.

They are playing “Ticket to Ride” from the Beatles; no one knows how it got there. (Ticket to Ride is from Help!, The ruby ring in that film, ruby slippers on Dorothy…you know the stories)

Also, the theory of Noetic Science is started. This was explored in Dan Brown’s latest book; what is really interesting here as this relates to this particular topic is a simple notion we explored in the first Faces in Toast post that when carried out is the equivalent of a Holy Grail of sorts.

That being, that if Satan/Demons have control over a person as a result of them being “An Object of Wrath and Destruction”, does he then have the ability to plant clues as to this person’s ultimate fate?

As it relates to the Mirror in the Drum trick in Sgt. Pepper and the M & D Co. sign in Magical Mystery Tour, the answer to that would seem to be yes.

It would imply that a demon knew John Lennon’s fate 13 years in advance due to the control of Lennon, Chapman and who knows how many other people to ensure Lennon’s demise on December 8th, 1980.

Meaning that some spiritual entity (who I would have to guess would be prohibited from giving people any direct information about the future, it’s not like people are getting lottery numbers from demons) is able to somehow plant indirect clues as to a fate that only they (and God) would know upfront.

They wouldn’t have information regarding any subject in which free will is a factor in the outcome, but if this is a scripted outcome then some force would obviously know upfront enough detail to plant clues about.

To illustrate, let’s look at Judas and Jesus again for a second. Satan entered Judas to accomplish something; the betrayal of Jesus.

Consequently, it should be clear to us that Satan knew upfront what Jesus’ fate was going to be, because he had a role in causing the outcome.

So hypothetically, if Judas had been engaged in some creative endeavor like art or writing or even music if you applied it to this era; then it stands to reason that Satan could have planted “clues” to Christ’s fate through the work of Judas who he was inside of, even before the crucifixion happened.

I wondered if there was some sort of significance to the fact that two of the  members of the 27 club passed away on 7/3 (in 1969 and 1971), if there is a significance to “73” I would bet Noetic Science is what the number points to…















1964 (November 22nd 1963)






The 27 Club













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