922 – Why?

Well, my book 922 is coming along nicely, although the amount of research time has been truly out of hand, but I think the topic warrants it.

Why did the devil request Objects of Wrath and Destruction in 1939?

Personally,  I think you can go back to the crucifixion of Jesus, an event that absolutely would have been presided over by demons that would have probably numbered in the hundreds of thousands, and you can draw a very simple conclusion.

Thousands of demons ensured the death of Jesus because they were under orders to cause it by God. Not because they wanted to, because most certainly they did not want Jesus to redeem the world.

Likewise, demons (in my story) were ordered to draw the United States into World War II in the early 40’s.

And just like Jesus, you can bet your last dollar that it was the last thing they wanted to do.

The resulting confrontation between God and Satan (details in my book) ensured that an enraged devil made sure that a particular date was written down to exact his revenge.

Not December 7th, but December 8th.

From there, the fate of John Lennon and the clues deposited throughout the years will become much clearer.

Satan knew John Lennon was going to die, when and by whom, years before it happened. Because God gave him the power to do it.


Author: willemaus

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