922 – JFK

See, here’s the funny thing.

The MDC poster in Magical Mystery Tour has always been taken to foreshadow the future assassin of John Lennon.

Isn’t it odd though that there was also a group named the MDC that Lee Harvey Oswald was connected to in 1963? A group in fact that Jim Garrison wound up investigating?

Sylvia Odio was visited by 3 men in September of 1963, including Lee Harvey Oswald. All 3 men had the initials LH in their names.

LH, translated to numbers, is 12 and 8. The date the poster was released on and the date John Lennon died on and later the dates Razzle Dingley and Dimebag Darrell Abbott also were killed on was 12/8.

It hadn’t really occurred to me before, but maybe the death of John Lennon and the foreshadowing of his assassin, isn’t the whole point of the story.

Maybe it’s also a clue to something else.

Author: willemaus

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