So I’m sitting in my living room on July 7th looking at the various books I have checked out for research and suddenly I focus on Gems from the Equinox from Aleister Crowley (Al Liber 777).

The book isn’t due back for another 2 weeks but I tell my wife that I’m not real comfortable having any Crowley books sitting around because I think people outside will start turning into salamanders or something so I decide to bring the book back early.

As I’m walking through the streets of Grand Rapids with this book, Rodrick Dantzler kills 7 people on 7/7.

When we leave the library and walk out to a wail of sirens that turns out to be the Dantzler police chase,  I joke to my wife that the book return must be on fire because it contains the only Crowley book in the Grand Rapids Library system, not knowing how much more radical the situation in actuality is.

This is the second time now that I have experienced something similar to this, I lived down the road from the kids that were killed in the Amish school shooting  in October of 2006 and in fact drove past them every morning on my way to work, and now that I’ve seen this happen twice while focused on the supernatural manipulation of the mentally disturbed there’s something that needs to be understood.

You see, when I had the sudden urge on July 7th to bring Gems from the Equinox back to the library, Rodrick Dantzler had already stolen the gun he was going to use to kill 7 people.

The sudden thought I had to bring the book back when it wasn’t due yet for two weeks was the “temptation” to drive a synchronicity, not the book itself.

Apply that logic to Lennon/McCartney now; they think they were driving something, but it was driving them. This is backwards from what some of you believe.

This is all through the looking glass, but the problem is that the looking glass is layers deep. What everyone thinks they see is only the first level.

Go deeper…


Author: willemaus

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