I do get ample opportunity to discuss the spirituality piece of my theories that are part of 922, but its interesting when you get to talk to people that have more of an emotional stake in the Beatles mythology because they seem to have this tendency to want things to be somehow owned by the band.

The word temptation always gets people going it seems, and in fact is going to probably be one of the tougher sells in my book.


Because it strongly implies a lack of control.

Well lets back up for a second.

The first problem is the number of fanboys who quite clearly are being paid by a Paul McCartney run organization to fuel this mystery, but only in a direction that keeps Paul mysterious and exciting and possibly Jesus or the son of Aleister Crowley or whatever.

Apparently someone putting together a multimedia shot or two and flipping the horns every few years is sufficient to keep this myth alive; instead of the truth of him being a Beatle, having a genius stretch in the 60’s, having another great run in the 70’s with Wings, but then hasn’t done anything noteworthy in over 25 years.

That is reality, and people who don’t want to contend with that reality are most likely more concerned with pushing a product via mystery than telling the truth about any of this so they really don’t have any value to add to the subject at hand.

And that reality doesn’t preclude anyone from being an admirer of Paul McCartney’s work, but the product being pushed isn’t reality. Believe it or not, anyone in an organization can make a fading product more exciting by flashing a couple of pyramids or eyes on a screen, and it has nothing to do with that person being really really dangerous or mystical.

I think we all learned that in the 80’s.

But that sense of PR is also quite relevant to the discussion. Because whenever you get down to brass tacks; of asking the simple question that should be asked: Do you think Paul McCartney arranged for Paul is Dead clues in the songs and a bunch of visuals that showed him being somehow different and removed from the other Beatles because he was somehow, well, you know, kind of full of himself, you always get the same reaction.

Nope, ignore, change the subject. Concoct a bunch of CIA-style push excuses to get the question off the front page, do whatever you have to in order to ensure that no one ever has to deal with the topic honestly because that after all is what everyone is being paid to do and then we’ll never get to the answer because no one after all really believes there is one anyways.

Except, temptation is the answer, only people on a payroll and/or oblivious to the nature of temptation don’t want this to be the answer.

They want to believe that someone sat in a room and conjured all of this. Not that Satan did it and made them think they were responsible.

Honestly, the degree of thought and the clues in the Sgt. Pepper cover is far and away beyond the entire Magical Mystery Tour movie premise. So if the Beatles themselves were this brilliant, why didn’t they make a better movie? Or run a better business?

I really believe that deep down inside, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr and Yoko Ono and the people truly close to the Beatles know that 20% of the clues were intentionally planted to fuel mystery and ultimately self-promotion, and the other 80% happened through them but they had absolutely no control other than to shrug afterwards and say “wow”.

Paul is or isn’t dead? It’s not really relevant to me, but to say he took LSD, freaked out and decided to use whatever happened to him to create magic, isn’t a far-fetched alternative to PID.

But, someone must have conjured this?

They know better than that and have for over 40 years, why don’t we?

Because something doesn’t want us to know. The exact same mechanism that entices a person to sin, entices a person to be creative.

But temptation to sin is met with the resistance of free will, temptation to create is embraced.

A while back I came up with the notion of a fish delusion; a fish that believes that there are fake fish out to get him, which of course there are. I didn’t go into a room and conjure up a demon to create that idea, it just popped into my head.

But did I come up with it myself, no way in hell. Why do I say that? Because “fish’ happens to have some relevance to the Beatles mystery, but when I came up with the idea of a fish delusion I had no idea of that. Most people wouldn’t want to admit that, they wouldn’t want to acknowledge that this could be done to them.

But it is exactly what happens…and how most of the Beatles clues came to be.

James Joyce, the Beats, Dylan, the Beatles, etc. were all embracing “random”. They wanted supernatural input, and they got it.

That desire implies control, but that is the deception. The first temptation was to create a mechanism to be communicated through in the first place like the cut-up technique; and then another round of temptation to actually communicate the clue.

Add drugs to the mix and there is virtually nothing in the way of resistance to any supernatural synchronicity that needs to be communicated through these “mediums”.

Robert Plant wrote Stairway to Heaven in one night. He won’t touch the song today unless he absolutely has to. You can argue that a Led Zeppelin reunion did not take place precisely for this reason.

Do you think maybe Robert Plant realizes this too?

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