God caused the Earthquake in Washington because of the Beatles

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

In actuality, when you spend enough hours poring through material to find synchronicities you have a tendency to want to joke about it a bit to take the edge off, Apophenia vs. Apocolypse isn’t always the easiest thing to discern.

However I’ll run with it and post a near miss from 1974. You have to figure out the sheer volume of demons that would be necessary to pull off some of the synchronicities involved in 922, my theory being that the death of CS Lewis on 11/22/63 was to communicate the absurdity of the notion that a person has one demon following him around.

Objects of Wrath and Destruction would probably have thousands of demons attempting to manipulate thousands of people around the target to achieve the desired result.

One good example is Hold that Line, Block that Kick from Revolution Number 9. In order for there to be a December 8th synchronicity relating to football, John Lennon would have had to die during a Sunday broadcast.

The only Sunday December 8th would have come in 1974. This seemingly wasn’t sufficient for the purpose as it hadn’t even been 9 years since Magical Mystery Tour plus Hotel California had yet to be written (duh!) so Monday Night Football was invented in 1970.

This way, John Lennon’s death could be broadcast with the entire nation watching the telecast.

This was the true purpose of Monday Night Football. And however tongue-in-cheek you may take this (and feel free to), having football on Monday Night allowed for a December 8th assassination synchronicity to take place in either 1975 or 1980.

Demons stay up at night figuring this stuff out, and I stay up figuring out why they did this. It’s a living…

Anyways, as a dry run, John Lennon and Ronald Reagan were both on Monday Night Football one night, alas because of the difficulties in getting precise synchronicity for supernatural purposes, the demons were not able to achieve a December 8th Lennon appearance on this occasion.

So instead, it was the Washington Redskins – Los Angeles Rams matchup on Monday Night, December 9th 1974.

It should be noted that the game was won by Washington 23-17, which is actually a rather clever demonic synchronicity itself as John Lennon was 23 when JFK was killed and lived 17 years afterwards before being shot himself just after Ronald Reagan was elected president.

This is why the Beatles caused the Washington earthquake today, thanks for listening.

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