922 – NUJV

It’s time to start working on the carnival and Ticket to Ride, the theme that appears again and again in 922.

To reiterate, the MDC poster in the Magical Mystery Tour booklet was released on December 8th, 1967, 13 years to the day before John Lennon’s death.

The scene for the movie was shot on September 22nd 1967 (9/22) per Lewisohn.

This is the key communicative device in the foreshadowing of John Lennon’s death, and the clue which all of the PID clues happened to cover up.

Ticket to Ride, and by extension the idea of a carnival, goes farther back though as the song was recorded at the very beginning of the Help! sessions on February 15th 1965.

So the purpose of this post is an open research tool to determine what exactly in a supernatural  sense is trying be communicated through the idea of a Ticket to Ride or a Carnival. Anyone who wants to add in and participate, feel free!

One thing though, if you tell me something like the Beatles were members of or interested in the Brotherhood of Light or the Golden Dawn so they must have purposely caused this, I’ll listen but my focus is on demonic communication through them, not so much what they caused intentionally.

My template for this is they caused 20% of the clues on purpose, the other 80% were done through them and they didn’t realize it until afterwards. The key to this being demonic temptation of people who were being receptive to random input.

So let’s start!

Ticket to Ride, according to Miles through Paul McCartney, could refer to Ryde on the Isle of Wight. Ryde happens to be known for Carnivals.



Ryde is noted for its carnivals. There are five throughout the year – an Arts Parade in June; Children’s, Main and Illuminated processions at the end of August and a Lantern Parade in December. The Carnival at Ryde is the oldest in England. Ryde Carnival remains the island’s largest carnival, with local crowds and mainland visitors totalling in excess of 50,000 spectators. Performers consist of community groups, schools, multiple samba and brass bands, stilt walkers and family groups, with over 2,000 performers taking part in August 2006.

In 2001 a London carnival group called Kinetika was brought to the island to teach carnival skills to adults and young people in community workshops. Since Kinetika’s input the carnival has been expanding, with its effects felt throughout the island’s other carnivals. Near Ryde at Westridge is the Arts Council-funded Carnival Learning Centre,[4] where carnival skills and crafts are taught.

McCartney and Lennon apparently alternately hitched and took a train/bus to Ryde and this seemingly is where the title originated although there are other versions of this story as well.

I’m guessing the year to be just Pre-Hamburg in 1960 right now based on internet info, including this. http://www.islandeye.co.uk/history/pubs-hotels-breweries/1606.html

One thing I’ve already noticed in researching the town of Ryde is that it seems to be a haven to theosophists, so the Brotherhood of Light relevance may start right here.


No, there isn’t a carnival here. This is the Doctor Who footage displaying Ticket to Ride from Top of the Pops in 1965.

This is also not about a carnival, it is the lyrics to Artificial Energy by the Byrds.

Sitting all alone now
I took my ticket to ride
Just a matter of time now
Til i’ll be up in the sky.
Coming up on me now
I’m king for a night
What’s it gonna be now?
How willful things are building insight
Do you think it’s really the trip that you seek?
I’ve got my doubts it’s happened to me.
Artificial energy
Is racing in my mind
I’ve got a strange feeling
I’m going to die before my time
Cause i’m coming down off amphetamines
And i’m in jail ’cause i killed the queen.


The Carpenters released Ticket to Ride in 1969. I never looked into it except that the Carpenter is obviously the partner of the Walrus.


Helter Skelter, which Charles Manson took as being a sign of the apocolypse, is actually a carnival ride.


Dark Side of the Moon ends with an orchestra playing Ticket to Ride, below the heartbeat.


Elmer McCurdy was found in a carnival in Long Beach on December 8th 1976, the same day that Hotel California was released.


American Pie references the Father Son and Holy Ghost catching the last train for the coast.


Being for the Benefit of Mr Kite is also based on a carnival or fair.


Then of course there is Carnival of Light, done on January 5th 1967 which no one has ever heard.


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