Goodbye Steve Jobs

There are very few of us that were in the room in 1997 that understand that the reason why you were brought back to Apple was not only the impending death of that company but the complete destruction of the print industry.

I happened to be one of them, and in addition to saving an industry, the words We have to let go of the notion that for Apple to win, Microsoft has to lose was the greatest game changing statement of the original Tech era.

I sincerely hope you have a long and happy retirement, I for one went from working 100+ hours a week to having a life again solely because of the changes Apple made in 1997.

The words It can’t be done aren’t taken well by senior management at a company like RR Donnelley, but they didn’t understand it was true, and Apple wouldn’t admit it until you came back. It may be a catchphrase, but you by yourself changed everything and made those of us trumpeting the issues look like prophets once you did.

Thank you!


Author: willemaus

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