922 – Timmy

Put it this way. Paul (and now I’m making shit up) is summoning Pazuzu to do great and wonderful things. And Pazuzu is thinking about complying, because after all he does have free-will to a point, and then God taps Pazuzu on the shoulder and tells him to go help 7-year-old Timmy find his rubber ball that he lost in the shrubs instead.

And Pazuzu does exactly what God told him and leaves Paul hanging. Demon will trumps man’s will and God’s will trumps demon will.

Robert Plant is probably by no means a Christian, and this isn’t about Christianity except for a principle brought to life, but he knows full well that something turned against him in 1975 that shouldn’t have, given what they were living at the time. Why would a spirit turn against a member of Led Zeppelin? Because their boss told them to maybe?

It’s all in defining a system and where the true power lies…the rest of it is all very interesting too, but there’s something much deeper happening.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.


Author: willemaus

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