922 – The Principle and the Power

922 (when it comes out) is primarily a story, highlighting a specific biblical principle.

The Beatles and rock culture in general are only a piece of that story, but it’s an important one that other people should be able to relate to.

Sometimes I put certain components of the principle out there for consumption to see if anyone gets it, I think people will get it much better within the context of the entire story but I’m still interested to see, and generally people don’t quite seem to be on the same wavelength yet.

I’ll keep working on it though while I work on my book.

922 is the true power. There is so much talk on Beatles forums about mysticism and Egypt and the superstone etc. and I think sometimes people take my view as being somehow anti-Paul because his organization promotes these ideas and he clearly goes along with it to spur sales.

But here’s the real truth, and a person’s PR can’t obscure this truth forever. A Beatle(s) declared to be a Romans 9:22 Object of Wrath and Destruction has demons, and I’m talking about military force, thousands of demons, attached to everything they do and everyone around them.

This force has been decreed by God, they will not go away. That certainly isn’t a positive thing in terms of the ultimate outcome, but imagine the power while they are living.

James Randi started offering a reward for provable Paranormal Activity in 1964 ironically enough, no one has ever been able to cash in.

And yet the power around everything attached to the Beatles is beyond James Randi’s ability to comprehend.

Why is this? Because Demon will trumps man’s will, demons don’t do dog and pony shows because man, no matter what he taps into, doesn’t really contain the power. However God’s will trumps demon will and when God decrees a person to be 922, the true power surfaces.

That may be for a person (Paul) or against a person (John), more likely it’s a shade of gray. But the power is there, and people have been referencing this in the music, probably without full understanding, for over 40 years.

And now the time has come, that they want you to know they are there and have been the whole time. The beatles mystery, regardless of whether they had their own motivations, is real but we have yet to fully grasp whose power we see or how it truly functions.

It’s coming though, and within the next year…


Author: willemaus

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