922 – Kwai

I’ve spent many months researching in order to bring myself somewhat up to speed on the Beatles myths and mysteries, and I’m coming to the point where I feel somewhat happy that I’ve been doing my own work on this; the amount of misinformation and obfuscation on this topic is staggering, considering that as opposed to topics like JFK you would think the Beatles would be more open and fun.

I have paid attention to certain other folks’ views as part of my education and tafultong’s blog, which highlights the work of Iamaphoney and other Beatles sources, has been one source of information I have really enjoyed.

I came across this post a while back and just went over it again, and I’m going to repost it here if that’s OK and put my own spin on what I think is a fairly relevant connection to my stuff.


The relevance is the dichotomy between what the Beatles were trying to do and a plot to do something through them. If you notice, William Shears does seem to correlate to this movie and there is a fairly strong connection between a bridge being built by prisoners who are forced to comply, and demons that were forced to comply with a program to bait the US into WWII.

The most interesting part is that Alec Guinness is related to Tara Browne, the subject of A Day in the Life.

But here we see once again, and the source of my premise being demonic manipulation of events to communicate a message, that the Beatles had nothing to do with the death of Tara Browne.

So even if a Bridge over the River Kwai connection is a result of a tribute to Tara Browne, the resulting WWII connection being communicated to us is a result of manipulation.

The Ringo BOTRK skit on SNL on December 8th 1984 seems relevant also because it’s not only another December 8th but it is also the night Razzle Dingley was killed.

And the Al Liber 777 connection is very significant also not only for its occult connotations but the personal 777 connection I had the day I wrote my 922 The Conspiracy post on July 7th. Even the 43 of the IChing Hexagram has a significance when you relate it to Ringo’s skit; December 8th 1984 was 43 years to the day after the US entry into WWII.

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