922 – Gaga

And then it all became a marketing ploy.


…and backwards

Funny though that it’s John that is shown early on in the video (forwards) as she starts to sing.

The difference between this and Hotel California is that methinks this is quite deliberate…but in the cultural sense I just speak in future tense.

Author: willemaus

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3 thoughts on “922 – Gaga”

  1. I went to see Lady Gaga when she performed on NBC’s the Today Show, live in Rockefellar Plaza. The gathering of people was large, and I accidentally found myself over a block behind the stage. That said, I felt some very dark things. Like it was some sort of gigantic ritual. People were dressed in costume. Worst of all, as she was on stage, it started raining. It was a bright, beautiful summer day, but it started raining anyway. It was painful, my eyes were burning, and I left, running half blind through the streets to find a subway. When I came out, in Brooklyn, there was not a trace of rain, But I was soaking wet, like I was stained, or marked.

    Gaga was the cover of the newspaper that day, and was the biggest thing to happen in NYC (she did a show in the Garden that night.)

    I saw her later on her tour, but despite all the strange imagery, it did not conjure any deep feelings, just a fun spectacle. Perhaps her role as a messenger had passed? I will say this, she started that show Saturday Night at 10pm, and at exactly Midnight, now Easter morning, the show ended, and Judas was played at full blast over the sound system.

    For your edification: 7-9-2010, and 4-23-11 to 4-24-11

    I also stood with only one person in between us once, in 2009, but we were both watching a performance of her younger sister, so I do not think she was Lady Gaga, but simply Stefani Germanotta.

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