922 – This episode brought to you by the letters L and H

Lonely Hearts. L and H. She’s Leaving Home. L and H.

In September of 1963, Sylvia Odio was visited by 3 men. Loran Hall, Lawrence Howard and Lee Harvey Oswald. All contain the initials L and H.

Revolution Number 9, primarily narrated by John Lennon and George Harrison. Lennon and Harrison, L and H. The section of Hotel Number 9 leading up to John Lennon’s wounded sound at 3:57 is an alternating Landler (possibly from Beethoven) and a Horn. L and H.

November 22nd 1963, in addition to JFK’s death, CS Lewis and Aldous Huxley died as well. Lewis and Huxley. L and H.

Ordinal position (not that I think that has to do with a patch on anyone’s arm) for L and H is 12 and 8.


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